horns n wings As of now, there are only 9 copies left at The Couturier’s Docks of Aliza Karu’s feathered horns, which come with a skull-face half-mask in case you need to be reminded that death Halloween is nigh. (Don’t wander past the cut if the female body scares you.)  Continue reading

Ruffle me this

uh oh Aliza Karu of Angels and Demons Creations is back with dramatic gowns designed for the latest edition of Ferosh magazine, which is fabulous. I stripped 00:00 down to the bones: lots of rear ruffles calling attention to long bared legs and a harness decked with lace-filled picture frames. You can wear just one picture frame but I figure three gets you the full-on Guilty Remnant feel. (That’s not an obscure reference if Justin Theroux makes you melt.)
fair play Turn about is fair play. I hear tell of a tiny female domme who is topping a top I dislike. All she’s needed is an evil laugh, a little rope and a smattering of seeding. It couldn’t happen to a meaner guy.

[AD] 00:00 (NEW; see the whole outfit here; ty Aliza!)
Exile::Check Out Time (NEW at Collabor88)
[theSkinnery]Ming-Bare face(ebony) BB CL2
Nox. Beauty Marks [Four]
Visage, Beauty Marks – set 07 – dark
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Freckles w Moles
.la petite morte. regret under liner. black
Goth1c0: Arcane tattoo chest (ye olde iteme)
*BOOM* Fearless wrist cuff (v2) Silver
*Reign.- Monarch Heels- Black
poses PDA
shot at Tierra de Fuego

Portia in orbit

shibari orbital Originally my av’s name Portia was inspired by the character in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. When I chose the name I based it on my memory of two lines: “The quality of mercy is not strained; It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven.” Noble words. Unfortunately, my memory took them out of context. When I looked at the play some years after choosing the name, I discovered that Portia is an asshole. Last week when someone asked me if the name was from Shakespeare I did not want to answer yes. So, I’ve decided to resolve my conflict over Portia by retroactively attributing my choice to my love for one of the moons of Uranus. I announce this on a most fitting occasion, the day when Portia-the-av adopts Shortcake Sugarplum’s wood-and-feather orbit. New for No. 7, the showgirl-worthy orbit comes with a matching headdress and is available now at The Instruments. I do acknowledge that Portia-the-moon is actually decaying due to tidal deceleration and will either break up into a planetary ring or hit Uranus. But that’s not half as bad as being a lawyer.

Credits to creators
no. 7, orbit and head dress (at The Instruments)
[ MUDSKIN ]_Kiss of Vampire9(no Eyebrow)_Dawn (gacha at Okinawa Festival)
Rotten Toe, Goth Brows 8 (spock)
!dM, Sakura – ShibariDress **FUCHSIA DRAGON** (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival or go to a yard sale)
*BOOM* Bold cuffs (v1) BrwnGlaze
+:+WTG+:+ **PJ05** ear-pierce (old LB)
{S0NG} :: Chibi~ Abyss Eye

Coddled captive

Not safe, not safe for twerk. Continue reading


Hedda wants you to know that the new Mateata gown from h.m.a.e.m is one of the sexiest dresses she has ever worn. The geometric pattern throws as many curves as the female body. If you don’t like black, there are blue and red versions to enjoy. Continue reading

Faces have got to be made

ran Sopha Portal of My UglyDorothy debuts her new Factory line at Skin Fair. There are three faces in five skin tones that range from fair to tanned. Buy the base skin, which comes with a basic lip and eye, standard shades of eyebrow and Slink hands and feet appliers. Then add lipstick and eye makeup from packs sold separately. Bjork’s lipsticks are a little glossy and slightly parted for a sexy look. All her eye makeups feature a kohl liner. Bin’s eye makeups offer subtle shades of gold and dusky rose with varying intensities of liner. Her lipsticks look pure and clear. Ran, shown here in tone two, sports Ms. Portal’s signature faded-edge lipstick. Eyes winged with liner run the gamut from bare through blue, red and plum shadows.
pop2Those of you who are on a budget will be glad to know that Skin Fair is for makeup too. Both Shortcake Sugarplum of No. 7 and Faina Cortes of La Malvada Mujer have gone all out. The Pop Art makeups are the standout from No. 7. They are a savvy interpretation of the look of Lichtenstein’s painted women rather than a direct copy.
mmmaaaalllll Last but not least, we have the Hydra makeup from La Malvada Mujer, which combines a burnished eye with a wet lip. These are really versatile for 40L: each makeup comes with a full-face tat and with separate tats for eyes, brows and mouth, all of which could be mixed and match across the three colour variations. I hope to show off some of Ms. Cortes’ unique whole-body tattoos in one of my next posts. Be sure to stop by the booth to pick up the two gifts. One of them is a glamorous set of brows in gold and silver versions.

It’s Her Factory

Skin Fair URLs
La Malvada Mujer on sim 2
no. 7 on sim 1
Thank you Faina, Shortcake, Sopha

Look 1
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY_Ran_tone2 base skin and brow (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY Ran_Eye Makeup4_tone2 (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY Ran_Lip Makeup2_tone2 (at Skin Fair)
-LaViere- Heidi/DriedChilli
NYU – Collared Dress, Purple (Size 1)

Look 2
no. 7, Pop Art D (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY, FACTORY__Bin_tone3 base skin and brow (at Skin Fair)
(fd) Little Queen – Brunette 6 (Arcade gacha)
-tb- Female Skinny Tie (S) – Plum
-tb- Long Sleeve Collared Blouse (S) – Blush
Tee*fy, Savannah HighWaisted Skirt XS

Look 3
La Malvada Mujer – Hydra n3 /full (at Skin Fair)
MY UGLYDOROTHY FACTORY__Ran_tone2 base skin and brow (at Skin Fair)
Clawtooth: Say Yes – Break of dawn hair
bliensen + maitai, carnelian earrings
*BOOM* Hello Girl blouse (Navy) s

Poses: The Muse, Constantine (new; ty Audrey!)
Eyes: AL vulo ! * anemone brown eyes

Real chilly

potcha Suddenly I’m cold. So I dressed my doll in the fetching Fowler boots from Beetlebones and a surprisingly sexy vest and blouse combo from Potcha. Anorak poses in a mildly haunted house at the Lovecraft Festival, which is collecting donations for the Autism National Committee. There is shopping to be done, but damned if I could find any clearly marked donation items. I encountered the same problem earlier in the week at the Dreams Way event for people who suffer from autism and asperger’s. There are supposed to be donation items from dozens of haute couture designers, but the absence of signage left me wondering if I was interpreting the spatial arrangement correctly. An arrow, an X, a flower, a heart, a big ole stink eye. Any identifying marker would help us all.
poyjulia Hair from Chemistry, BOOM’s steampunk choker and Glam Affair’s Elvi in Jamaica make a casual look a little more sophisticated.

(= potcha. knit vest blouse 02 [ liquid size ] (2-for-1 at The Chapter Four)
(Chemistry) Hair – Harlow (Rigged)
Glam Affair – Elvi – Jamaica – 03 H (this was a special makeup at Kustom9, but you can find the regular line at the mainstore)
*BOOM* The Illustrious Sproket Strand Rose Gold (at Collabor88)
::BB:: Fowler Laced- Up Boots M (PIGEON) (at Collabor88)
MONS / Shocking eyes – grey
Glitterati poses, model pack 150-159 (only on Marketplace)

Rare bird

luasbrd All the SLadies are witches. I mean in their blog posts. I decided to buck the trend for slinky black-clad sirens by concocting a hot harem girl out of my rare gacha wins from Luas and Umeboshi. I added Zibska’s Xiang, a flock of birds, and tinted them a healthy green. All involved were about to fly off to find some nature to enjoy when the light changed. (Methinks a storm came upon the land.) It all turned out looking so sinister that nature is relieved she had nothing to do with it.

brdclpfxxx I had to add a closeup. The Delusions tattoo is is one of my faves.

Luas, Allegra Arness Gold RARE, which comes with Allegra Nipple Piercings (gacha at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Luas, Redemption Skirt Green (from Redemption jewels gacha set at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Zibska, Xiang ~ The Birrrrds (comes with blindfold) (NEW; ty Zib Scaggs!) [I tinted the birds green in the first picture. They are actually white.]
*BOOM* Fearless wrist cuff (v2) Gold
[LeLutka]-RYKIEL hair – WalnutWhip
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
[theSkinnery]Byuri-Foxy Lady(toffee) (a special makeup but the regular version is in store; Tango applier for skin and for nipples is sold separately)
::Dulce Secrets:: Dynasty Camo Eye Art (w/Liner) and Dynasty Eyeliner (NEW; ty Anne Alyce Maertens!)
.:: Delusions ::. Birds of a Feather (fresh) tat
[UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes gacha (Obssesion) RARE tricolour (at the Legion Spooktacular)
Glitterati, Boobtacular pack
This was GIMPed but not pimped. All those shadows are real. And they’re coming for you….

In that gacha groove

anorak essences I am usually very conservative with gachas. But I recently went a bit nuts on skins from Essences and Birdy. It’s not that I was collecting them all, and it’s not that I knew which skin I wanted and kept trying till I got it. It’s that I got one and thought “Nah, that’s not quite right.” I can win a rare and be disappointed if it’s white, for instance, or black, and I’d rather have ecru or burgundy. Usually I resign myself to failure and walk away. But when I have man troubles, which I’ve been having lately, I spend aggressively. That could be because killing my lindens is more legal than killing my squeeze. Or because I’m making up for the romantic letdown by going for gacha satisfaction.
essen3 I’m extremely happy that Maya Levane is back making beautiful items for TokiDoki. She is very generous with gifts for her VIP group members. The mustard-yellow version of the long, buttonless Juliana sweater modeled in this post is on sale at TDRF. The blue version is the current group gift.
devon When I looked at Birdy’s Devon skin gacha at The Chapter Four I thought “Hmm, that’s a quirky face. Better not.” But it’s the Birdy quirk that I like about Birdy. Turns out the skin looks adorable on Anorak Offtherack, my teen alt. Here Anorak models one of the new line of soft, easy Traveler t-shirts by Aranel Ah for BOOM. Some are plain, some patterned, and some are lettered with catchphrases I have yet to decode. (I’m too embarrassed to admit how long I thought ERMAHGERD was a character from a Tolkien novel.)
devon2x If you need to get all dressed up, join the h.m.a.e.m VIP group for the Raja gift necklace in a threateningly decadent black-pansy shade.

No 1
Essences – Rose OMG 14 *lait* blonde (at Oh My Gacha event)
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
tram, A817 hair / darksalmon (size40)
(TokiD) Juliana sweater_small (mustard) (at TDRF till Thursday)
(Nylon Outfitters) Folds Dress – Horses

No 2
Essences – Rose OMG 12 *peche* brown (at Oh My Gacha event)
MONS / Shocking eyes – hazel
tram, A811 hair (this is an old group gift, so it can’t be bought in this particular colour)
(TokiD) Juliana sweater_small (light blue) (NEW VIP group gift; fee to join)
MichaMi: Nina Crop Top in Steel

No 3
*BOOM* Traveler Tee (Socially Awkward) XS (NEW; ty Aranel Ah!)
.Birdy. Devon Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Frost) (at The Chapter Four)
MONS / DualColor eyes – dream
ISON – Heidi hair (reds pack)

No 4
h.m.a.e.m. – raja – necklace – black soul (NEW VIP group gift; fee to join; ty Riri Nini!)
.Birdy. Devon Skin ~Biscuit~ (London) (at The Chapter Four)
Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Twilight Sea Shadow, w1)
Amacci Hair Daphne ~ Brown Sugar
Anais Gaea, diamond earrings (colour change, on marketplace)
Anais Gaea, black diamond nose stud (colour change, on marketplace)

These pics were GIMPed gently. I shot them under strong light. The skins look more deeply coloured under a dimmer light.