Nature lovers

odd one If she plays it cool, that hot bamboo plant may look her way.
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Satellite of love

ZibskaEuropa Hair Fair has to be the fashion year’s weirdest event. Until mesh bodies give us the option of multiplying av heads there’s just no way to wear a dozen new hairdos at once. One possible exception to this rule is the work of Zib Scaggs for Zibska. Ms. Scaggs’ hairdos are so avant-garde that they could be stacked to stunning effect. Here Portia opts only for Io, named liked all five new offerings for one of Saturn’s moons. Personally, I would avoid the annual coiffure craziness altogether if it weren’t for the opportunity to contribute to the Wigs for Kids charity. Zibska is the place to go if you want to donate in high style because each new ‘do is set for an impressive 50 per cent donation. Let the hair games begin.

Credits to creators
Zibska, Io (NEW for Hair Fair; ty Zib!)
Paperbag. Clear Vinyl Swim Suit (at The Big Show)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
[KOOQLA] Nico skin – Moonwalker (lb) (group gift)
[KOOQLA] Ghost Fingers (needs Slink hands; group gift)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual -
Clemmm – Ghost Eyes v.4
pose: oldie from PDA

Take me for a walk

Skin me I am (not really) happy to report that my rare-gachatosis is in remission. This may be less a health issue than a metaphysical phenomenon—a punishment for my rationalist choice to shop yardsales instead of trusting in the gacha gods. I was too impatient to wait for resale of Umazuma Metaluna’s new Haruko skins for The Skinnery. I could not not play after I got a look at the refreshingly odd makeups hiding among the nice normals. Number 3 works beautifully (or uglily) with the new group gift hair from little bones. The HUD for the latter offers two eccentric ombres that make liberal use of the most terrifying of colours, yellow. (The fashion world succeeded in domesticating orange. Yellow is not going to roll over to be declawed.) In other news this week, Pure Poison creator Shaleene Kenin sent her subo and VIP groups awesome pairs of hardware-n-handcuff-themed bracelets.

[theSkinnery] Haruko 3 (milk) DB CL1 (gacha at The Chapter Four; comes with multiple implants appliers but no hands or feet or butts or faces or mouths)(can noses be far behind? Pinocchio proboscis is almost as catchy as Phat Azz)
.Birdy. {Liner} 10
MONS / Shocking eyes – blue
little bones. Full Moon (one of two group gifts, check notices)
Faenzo, Mirte Structural Dress – Charcoal Leather S (last month’s Collabor88)
..::DeliciouS::.. Doggy Dog Leash Gold (Female)
(Yummy) Layer Cake Ring (at the Arcade; you can try yard sales, but these rings seem to be too scrummy to resell)
Pure Poison – Screw HandCuffs Gold (subo gift)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Flair, Prestige_add-on Slink nails (freebie)
Izzie’s – Tights eggshell
Just a Pose, GYRO (an oldie)

Fashion threat no. 26

commieww America, 1959: Commie beatniks undertake a campaign to woo suburban soda jerks. Jerks develop a taste for Gauloises.
cclxxPortia picked up her leather coat in the clearance sale at NYU, a line I admire. If you like more colour and less menace, rest assured that you can buy the trench in wool in a range of pretty hues. Portia wears the new group gift skin from YS & YS. (Join the group for free in store.) What I love most about this skin is the teeth, which remind me of Flower Ducatillon’s. I think Flower D.’s avi is the most beautiful of all avis. The cute little gaps between her front teeth give me girl crush.

Credits to creators
NYU – Trench Coat, Leather Black (Size 1) (on sale)
[MAG] hair – PARIS [busty] [ombres 02]
tram -cat beret[UNRIGGED MESH][texchanger]- leather
*YS & YS* Persefone Eart Teeth Groupgift January 2014 (Groupgift)
Birdy. Simple eyeliner
-Glam Affair – Elvi – Moles
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
Slink, Leather Thigh Boots Average V1.1 Black
Nikotin, Cigarillo
pose one: marukin
pose two: Glitterati

Haunted hollow


She’s not dead. She’s just post-processed that way. Nomine’s 100L sale ends today, but the Cross Halter Dress is eternal. Munchflower Zaius lavished such care on the individualized fabrics of sixteen gorgeous variations on this gown that it was extremely difficult to choose just one to show you. While many are full-on goth, there are a number of variations that would work for 1930s role-play or an evening at The Gardens of Apollo. The dress is mesh and comes in only two sizes, so be sure to try the demo if you are used to XXS-XL sizing. Portia fit the Standard version just fine, but it was more fun to blow her up to fill out the Curvy version.

Credits to creators
Nomine, Mesh Cross Halter Dress Curvy – cherry
Glam Affair – Halloween skin GIFT
:[P]:-Soul Ink-Lothlorien
::DT:: ::JoLiE:: V2 Beautymarks Moles and Freckles
– .HoD. – Compassion Piercing Set Prt. 1 – Silver Lining
>TRUTH< Zaria – ivory
House of Fox, Feather Tippet (recent subo gift)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Samedi – Earring – Red Glass -
Fleshtone :: Narsha Vanity Cuff [Onyx/Gold]
:: PM :: Demonia Claws (VIP gift, small fee to join)
pose: PDA
location: Wretched Hollow

More prettier (if that’s possible)

Portia’s lovely Dreaming Klimt necklace is new from Bliensen + MaiTai at FTLO’s Black Market. Lene is a gorgeous new LB skin from Mother Goose’s. There are four versions to win. Join the group and get the notice with LMs to each of the shops. (I have to say that Milok Hermit’s skins make sense of Portia’s weird face in a way that few others do. For that I am truly grateful.) The new group gift hair from Red Mint is not a realistic colour, but it’s soft and flattering, not electric blue and terrifying like a lot of fantasy styles. It’s available until January 17th at the store.

Credits to creators
Bliensen + MaiTai, Dreaming Klimt Necklace (Black Market item for January; ty Plurabelle Laszlo!)
(r)M, Hair No.18(f) gg 01’12 (gg in shop)
Mother Goose’s, Lene1(LB)Main shop (main shop LB)
Mother Goose’s, Pointed Lashes 1 (LB)
Poetic Colors, classic – molten chocolate (m) bright
u.f.o, always belong to you coral (Collabor88 till the 7th of January)
Glitterati, Headshot 3
This is an unGIMPed face! The neck, however, needed work because of the lighting and pose.

Sweater girls

Watch out for your av’s ego. As soon as I bought Portia a handful of gowns from Phoenix Rising, she went out and crashed every ball and opera on the grid. Pretty soon she was running with a rich and powerful pack, and the paparazzi began to follow her everywhere. Now she claims she doesn’t want to be photographed ever again. Well, maybe by van Lamsweerde and Matadin, who are “true artists.”

Notice how Portia seems to be refusing to have her picture taken but has actually stopped long enough for everyone to admire her Aimesi sweater, Phoenix Rising shorts, and Paper Couture boots?

Naomi Campbell has nothing on Portia. She threw her purse at me when the belt she was wearing under her Fishy Strawberry sweater started to chafe. I had already lost the best light of the day convincing her that no one would confuse the baggy uppers of the pink izm pants with her own thighs, which I described as justly famous perfectly toned towers of pixeliciousness. She accused me of being stingy with the compliments and then asked me what I thought of her butt.

Credits to creators
Light look and closeup
sweater: Fishy Strawberry, Knit Sweater Greyish Purple (TDR)
pants: izm, Go to the Conveni pants pink
skin: Heartsick, Ayame Illusion Crimson Kiss (Mid Cleavage) (from the free Ayame Three Tone teaser)
hair: Exile, BetsyBanging Black (old TDR item)
earrings: Eclectica, from the Jazz Chinoiserie Set
purse: Vinyl Cafe, Dominion Purse Pink Tartan (free at Free*Style’s Juicy location)
belt:, Wide Waist.Belt (Mauve)

Dark look
sweater: Aimesi, part of Aimesi Fashion Group Gift Pullover+ Leggings
shorts: Phoenix Rising, part of Frilled (25L till October 30)
skin: Heartsick, Ayame Illusion Crimson Kiss (Mid Cleavage) (from the free Ayame Three Tone teaser)
hair: Clawtooth, Somebody’s Lady Coco
boots: Paper Couture, Typhoon Boots Black
tights: Paper Couture, Dark Tights_Blue Dots (1L)
necklace: Miel, Elle Uber Bow
hat: ? [creator Maxwell Maven], Unisex Fedora (modded)

emotions: YadNi Monde, Yadnis Emoter HUD v 3.1
poses: Olive Juice, Slapping (PPH2 hunt gift)
set: Gauged, Photo Studio 1

Cheap, ugly and plastik

Talk about beauty and the beast. She’s both. The flood of pornographic spam responding to my Blonde on Bl*nde post has taught me a lesson. There’s no way in hell I’m calling this one Girls with G*ns. I don’t want people searching for something unrelated wandering around Pleisure’s command deck.

Today’s the last day to pick up the duffel-bag’s worth of gifts for subscribo members at Sassy Kitty Designs. Just hit the subo and then grab the goodies on the lawn. You can also stalk the Lucky Boards to win the Diamond Bodysuits, which are perfect for anyone still living in a primitive state of neurotic irresponsibility.

I love Cheap Makeup’s eyeshadows and liners, and I look forward to all the cool things Stella Semaphore will do to my av’s lips. I am also a huge fan of My UglyDorothy’s LB skins, though I deeply regret the weird fetish that the current Yurim boards display for the letters X, Y and Z. It’s like a Sesame Street episode programmed by a HAL 9000.

Credits to creators
Assassin one
dress: Sassy Kitty Designs, Cascade Dress (free to subo members)
coat: Phoenix Rising, Britney London Trench Coat White (25L till October 30)
collar: Plastik, RecluseCollar-Buckled-LeatherBlack
shape: DeLyn, Shape Carmen (TDR)
skin: My Uglydorothy, Luckyskin(Blacktears) (LB)
makeup: Cheap Makeup, Sparkly Shadow Silk #12 (gacha)
hair: I Love Olive, Doris Pearl White
boots: Courtisane, Marie Lu White
socks: Pig, Knee Sock Mit Suspenders White
eyes: HooT, Sunrise Eyes (Starlust)
pose: Olive Juice, James Bond 1 (old hunt gift)

Assassin two
bodysuit: Sassy Kitty Designs, Black Bodysuit from Diamonds Bodysuits (LB)
jacket: Sassy Kitty Designs, Star Flight Jacket from Shiny Stars outfit (was a hunt gift but may now be on LB or MM)
skin: My Uglydorothy, Luckyskin(White!?) (LB)
makeup: Cheap Makeup, Warhol’s Muse Eyeshadow Baby Blue (gg)
collar: Plastik, RecluseCollar -Feathers-Rela
hair: Raspberry Aristocrat, Jess Hair Black Beauty (Red Seal hunt gift)
eyes: Tacky Star, Satin Button Med Vein 1
poses: Olive Juice, James Bond 1 (old hunt gift); .tea

studio: Gauged, Photo Studio 1

You make sleek kills

I thought I’d sworn off leopard, but this free dress from Morea Style is just too utterly utter. Portia doesn’t have a lot of evening wear because many SL gowns are too fussy, and the skirt prims look like prims, not skirt. A simple column dress in subtle textures is ideal. (When oh when are we all going neo-classical?!) Exile’s new group gift features orangey-yellow lips. As looks go, it’s a tough one to pull off, but a colour-coordinating bird makes it work.

Open your eyes Prudence is Amperlope’s latest shape, one of two she has for sale at The Rumor sim’s Fall Harvest Festival. It’s such a pleasure to find one’s way around a new shape. I figured out right away that Prudence is no lover of avant-garde fashion. This girl’s body is carved to be flaunted in a hot cheetah two-piece from Sn@tch. Even so, that stuffed bunny shouldn’t have copped a feel while we were shooting. It’s always the lamb who wants to lie down with the lion.

Credits to creators
Look one
dress: Morea Style, Gift Exclusive (gg in store)
hair: Exile, Layne/dual choc (old TDR item)
skin: Exile, September Blush Para (with cleavage on tattoo or undershirt layer) (new subo gift)
necklace: Fashionably Dead, Single Feather Necklace
earrings: Mandala, Sinra Earrings/Moss Green [<3!] (Rockin’ Friday item)
bangle: Eclectica, Tortoiseshell Bracelet (part of DSN pack)
eyes: Tacky Star, Satin Button Med Vein 1
bird and pose: Just a Pose, My Fine Feathered Friend

Look two
shape: amperlope, Open Your Eyes Prudence (at the Fall Harvest Festival) (promo copy)
outfit: Sn@tch, Cheetah Corset Set
skin: Imabee, Light Lucy First Sight Love LTbrow (old gg)
hair: Posh, Beat Chocolate (from Hair Fair freebie bag)
shoes: Surf Couture, Nantucket Spectators Black
bracelet: Just You, Ying Yang Black (Fashion Freaks Hunt item)
eyes: HooT, Sunrise Eyes (Starlust)
tat: Tacky Star, Signa Tat (Goat Party pack)
bunny: Curvature, My Bunny Best Friend (freebie single-pose version of multi-pose paybie)