sorrow Shit be ending soon. Sniff.

At Skin Fair till the 31st:
La Malvada Mujer on sim 2 (ty Faina Cortes!)
La Malvada Mujer – Scale N1 /lips
La Malvada Mujer – Supermarket N2 /eyes
+Nuuna+ Akua 4 [this is the big explosion of eye colors]
*League* Classic Wing EyeLiner 1 Tattoo (gift)
La Malvada Mujer – Gold Eyebrow (gift)

At The Arcade till the 31st:
.Enfant Terrible. Hairband from Tokyo – Harajuku
Clawtooth: Girl Trouble – Dreamy Red

Everything else:
LavandaChic*, Poetic Coat XS (group gift)
My UglyDorothy, Enfant—Daisy_C1 Base (ty Sopha!)
[MONS / Shocking eyes – grey
[7891.] Testle – Cross – Gold
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
The Muse Poses, Constantine pack (ty Audrey!)

I picked purple

purp3x At times I think I’m a bad blogger, so I decide to make it worse. Colour-wise Oh My Gacha was good to me—except for the mint, I can’t do anything with mint—because it paid out in black and rose gold. But it also gave me purple in the form of the Saturn undies from tsg. I accepted chance’s implicit challenge. In the only way I know how. By typing the word purple into my inventory. The old flower-tipped mustache was a surprise. But everyone likes a mustache on a pretty girl. (See above re making it worse.)

Credits to creators
.tsg. Sentofuku Lingerie – Saturn (at Oh My Gacha)
*:..Silvery K..:*Japanese Lady’s shoes for winter(Purple) (gacha at Kimonoichi festival at Kyoto/Bakumatsu until the end of the month well, that ended rather abruptly; check the mainstore to see if it’s available there)
{Frick} Winter Tights in Sugarplum (p) (not gacha but only 30L and available in several colours)
[Aux]Fly Free – Purple (old gacha)
-Glam Affair – Neva Frost 03 A (ends today)
L.Fauna, Rosebud Moustache (Purple) (old Seasons Hunt gift, not available)
+Nuuna+ Zion 2 Purple tat.
[JB] Juicy Box – Feather / Watercolor Tattoo (NEW on Marketplace; you can’t see the feather bits around the cleavage, which make the tat extra super lovely)
=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Rossi II” Baby Pink Purple
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
MONS / DualColor eyes – purple
Mudhoney, Priya Chair Mauve (from the Love Donna Flora event)

Holiday spirit

blendxx Anorak went to Kustom9 so I could get a shot of her in the sim’s beautiful tunnel of trees. Slowly it dawned on me that she bore more than a passing resemblance to the Xmas tree, and I took some really horrible shots of her standing next to it. (Perhaps I should have derendered the giant candy canes, which can only negate the spirit of goth.) When Anorak started making moves on the snowman I did have to admit that they made a cute couple.

Credits to creators
[AD Creations Doll House] Gurk (NEW and only at Zenshi’s Winter Fair Frost till December 30th; ty Aliza!)
Zibska, Edera necklace (colour change; includes a circlet, bracelet and armband) (NEW at the Woodlands Round of The Fantasy Collective; ty Zib!)
[ no. 7 ] Circus Femme (ty Shortie the Sugarplum!)
Cheap Makeup- Strong eyebrows (NOW on Marketplace!)
+Nuuna+ Kati Skin [Fair]
The Muses, Editorial package

I scare myself

scaremyselfx My petite alt Anorak models the newest offerings from 22769 for The Gallery Gift Shop. The Andrea blouse, a stunner with a sexy open bodice and elegant peplum, is available in black, white, grass-green and lilac. The Classic Leather skirt, which combines two mouth-watering textures, is available in brown, shown here, black and white. Anorak also wears the latest VIP group gift shoes from BSD Design and a new Glam Affair skin with autumnal makeup. (It’s a steal for 190L at the Kustom9 event.)

Credits to creators
22769 ~ [femme] Andrea Blouse Black S (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Paco and Manuel!)
22769 ~ [femme] Classic Leather Skirt Brown XS (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Paco and Manuel!)
*elymode* School Socks : mismatched – green
{{BSD Design studio}}Classic beaute’ cow skin (new group gift; fee to join but a few past ggs are still available, so you may find it worth your while)
-Glam Affair – Neva skin – Europa 02 E (at Kustom9)
Nuuna, Cha Makeup (in pic 2 only) (NEW at Cosmetic Fair)
Miss C. – Lauren_Brown
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small
[The Forge] Viking Bracers (WornBronze/Gold) RARE [I lub dese] (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
:::Dimbula Rose::: Erosion Eyes (not current, but there are Halloween outfits to be had at the shop—travel down to the ground level if you TP in at the top)
poses by PDA
GIMPed and Pixlred. In fact, I couldn’t find a way to fix the mcfuckup in Anorak’s hair so I just left it. Why cover up for SL’s hairball-spitting shadow-hating?


breaksthingsxfoc Breaks things with her mind. (UPDATE: Avenue’s Autumn/Winter fashion fair is open until October 29th. You could decide which of the SLink hand enhancements is most practical, gather every gift at the 3-sim Candy Fair and spend 3,000L to win the rare leopard-print Viking helmet at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival without being too late to shop for couture.) (Rumours of leopard-print Viking helmets are unconfirmed at the time of writing.)

Credits to creators
Zibska, Sybella (in the couture room at Avenue fashion week; ty Zib Scaggs!)
Shi, ICON Hair [not sure what this is called, but it has two buns at the back and is by Joy Laperriere, and is old] hairbase_Charcoal+Eyeshadow_Liner
*LpD* MakeUp – *Tila* Only Lips (limited quantity at The Couturier’s Docks; ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
+Nuuna+ Zion 2 White tat. (F)
-Glam Affair – Angelica – Europa – Group Gift A
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4
Ma Vie, Promenade pose pack

Dalek, I love you

dil There’s no confusion about who wears the pants in this relationship. Sian Pearl’s Sechnotexual boots in extremely hot pink are a Relay For Life item available at MetaTheodora inworld. MissAllSunday Lemon’s seductive Andrea hair for Wasabi Pills is available at Hair Fair, where 15% of sales are donated to Wigs for Kids, but only until Sunday. NV’s adorable romper, which comes in a variety of denim washes, is not a charitable item, so if you buy it you are just plain selfish.

crouchdl Continue reading

Been saving it all for you


The Gallery Gift Shop is celebrating its second anniversary. Every month TGGS mistressmind Shortcake Sugarplum curates a lovely collection of art, clothing, accessories, home furnishings and greenery. This month, in honour of the anniversary, Ms. Sugarplum has been awake nights doing what one does with big data. This data is not just numbers, so it must be munched, not crunched. Putting her waistline at risk, Ms. Sugarplum came up with a profile of the average TGGS customer. Apparently, she looks something like the girl you see in today’s pics. And yes, she is a virgin, in SL at least.


Credits to creators
limo to The Gallery Gift Shop
thank you TGGS creators!
::WEG::: Belle de Jour Stripe M (NEW; at TGGS starting July 15)
Zibska, Phoebe ~ Earring and Necklace (colour change) (NEW group gift; ty Zib!)
[Angels and Demons Creations] looks flowers mesh glasses (NEW; at Gypset Market; ty Aliza!) [Join the free BeStyle Readers group when you arrive at the shop in order to buy the items.]
[Angels and Demons Creations] MTL hat (not available)
+Nuuna+ Kati Skin [Fair] cleavage
[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Deep-(NEW; at TGGS starting July 15)
[ #7 ] D I S C O V E R Y Mustache Your Lips – red (at TGGS starting July 15)
Eaters Coma – GIFT 03 (S) / Dark Chestnut (group gift)
::je::suis, magnifique::bangles reds
:FANATIK: Tyrolia vintage bangle
GIMPed for your pleisure

Level out

squareeyeslsmllnt The Gallery Gift Shop is going to celebrate its second anniversary starting July 15th. There will be a hunt and some special items to celebrate. TGGS is also sending out a call for new artists and shops to join the crew: find all the info on the TGGS website. This month’s round will close early, on July 6th. Today Portia is wearing two of the four pieces of Shortcake Sugarplum’s Arctic Face Decor  for Lucky #7. Moving these around is hours of fun. It’s impossible to decide where not to put them. The pack also includes some spiky curvy lashes. Portia’s irresistible lip gloss is new from Pink Fuel. For 250L you get ten colours in three intensities designed to flatter pale, medium and dark tone skins.

Credits to creators
[ Lucky #7 ] Arctic Face Decor [there are four pieces to play with—I moved em all over—and a pair of curved spiky eyelashes also included] (NEW at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Ms. Shortcake!)
[Pink Fuel] Glossy Pout Lipstick – Plum (NEW; three versions of ten colours for 250L=hot and cool all at once)
+Nuuna+ Kati Skin [Fair]
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4
Remarkable Oblivion – Jetstream – Pink – Headphones
-LaViere- Reverie/Strawberry
(TokiDoki) Haru Jacket_Large (mint) (old gift; other colours available)

Back on the rack

lubitschx It’s time once again to slither off to The Gallery Gift Shop and stalk the art. This month, I took a fancy to Gabrielle Swindlehurst’s Doomsday Has Come and Gone, which looks good at any post-earthquake angle. Also at TGGS. Umeboshi offers a tattoo that multiplies your av’s eyes. (Just in case the apocalypse makes no sound.) In addition to pink hair and a silver tunic from the current Collabor88, Portia wears Dilly Dolls boots, a gift in the Twisted Hunt. The HUD gives you the choice of black or white leather as well as subtle variations on the fabric pattern, which is based on the dreaded TH box.
katixs At the Skin Fair, I tried more skins than a hundred snakes could slough. But Nuuna’s Kati was the only one that inspired me to put clothes on Portia and send her back to the sim. Kati is a breath-takingly flawless blank canvas with all the tattoo-layer add-ons you could desire. In addition to crazy-colour lips like blue, orange and black, there are several shades of pink. Tintable eyebrows and a half dozen tintable blush tats allow for personalization. There is also an applier for Lolas Tango tatas, the mere thought of which makes me feel jiggly on my insides. All this costs only 400L. (If there’s a better deal at Skin Fair I will eat snake slough. With fries.) Portia wears the second-lightest of the seven Kati tones, meaning that goths and ghouls should be doing some kind of dance in honour of the first one. Last but not least today, Portia sports Shortcake Sugarplum’s latest creation for TGGS, the Vegas-worthy Diamond Spades Lashes. I have made special requests for diamond-spade pasties and piercings and a full deck of pornographic playing cards. But I do that every month.

Credits to creators
TGGS limo
Gabrielle Swindlehurst, Doomsday has Come and Gone (at TGGS)
r2, A/D/E sheer shirt[XS]silver (Collabor88)
ay, Hipster white bikini bottom (old bikini)
~Tableau Vivant~ Hathaway hair – Pink 1 (Collabor88)
+Nuuna+ Kati Skin [Fair] (with Pink 2 lips, tintable Eyelashes, Eyeliner 2, Eyelashes 2 and Blush 1, all in the same pack) (NEW at Skin Fair)
[ #7 ] Diamond Spades Lash Add-Ons (NEW at TGGS; ty SS!)
MONS / Shocking eyes – hazel
*Dilly Dolls* Matilda Boot Light Twisted S2013 (Twisted Hunt gift)
[JB] Juicy Box – Mecha Tattoo
[UMEBOSHI] Knee tattoo -Eye- (at TGGS; ty Keiba!)
ISON – vine cuff (antique silver) (recent 50L F)
mijn.botique, accessories / studded earrings n.2 – silver (recent TDR Fusion)
Sn@tch, Nail Candy (Pink/White Tips)
pose one: Blah!, Model pose pack 2
pose two: Alouette, The Bibliotheque Chair Grey floral (Arcade gacha)
photo two: hair—DeLa, Rossi; blouse—BCC, Mocha Blossom Promenade
Sn@tch, Dark Photobox set
GIMPed but not pimped. Please demo skin!