Nobody’s wife (nsfw)

sioncollarx My friend Sian Pearl had the nerve to name her devastatingly strict new collar after Portia. I knew that Sian would not be satisfied with a shot of Portia on her way to the opera in a floor-length mink topped with the collar. Even if the mink was dip dye. Not surprisingly, the collar recalled me to my kinky side (which I was keeping in a box with my crooked smile). Back when I was having SLex, I discovered that it was impossible to RP with a fashionable woman. When the man who had set up my first ménage à trois suddenly went AFK, my newbie imagination floundered. There I was in bed with a hot goth hermaphrodite (too many choices…), and all I could think about was her astounding pair of pointy patent-leather booties. Killed the mood, but found out about Bax.
postalxl The Portia collar is available in dark and light versions. It’s rigged mesh, but it’s also modifiable if you rez one on the ground: you can resize and tint it to your dom(me)’s content. The pack contains a version compatible with RLV and other scripts. I still don’t know what RLV stands for. Must be something technical, like rather large vag. [This pic looks lousy small. Please blow it up.]
Credits to creators
During play
MetaTheodora, “Portia” Heavy Collar – dark (NEW; <3 Sian)
MetaTheodora, CyberNips White (these are scripted to open and close and to pulse, yeah, pulse, with, y’know, light and such)
[LeLutka]-JOSEPHINE Hair – Pitch (NEW)
-Glam Affair – Roza – BaroQ 02
Needful Pixel, Sativa Black by Jaimie Earst (comes with open and closed versions)
Locking Binder (free on Marketplace: buy Dari’s Haus BDSM Freebies from Puppy Dog Tails)
poses: Apple Spice, Heartbroken [combined with the binder]
set: William Weaver, Build004 (free on Marketplace)
Après play
:[Plastik]:-Lethal Dress [M]-:// Iren (latest Lazy Sunday)
s u . v i d a – black lace leotard (store is closed)
-Glam Affair – Roza – BaroQ 02
Miss Shippe’s Studio, More than Allergies Nosebleed
La Malvada Mujer – Sibilla #3 [full]
:[Plastik]:-Vaele Coll(Base)://MeteorDark eyes
pose: Glitterati, Headshot 3
location: Dr. Kit’s

Who’s the fox in this henhouse?

Bite me. No, eat me. Some of you eat me. The rest of you bite me.

Never forget what the First Evil said when he took on the guise of Buffy: “It’s not about right, not about wrong. It’s about power.”

This was going to be an ordinary post but then I discovered via Rusalka Callisto’s post on This Second Life that a host of models, most of them women, are going to lose a portion of their livelihood because they SLimulated SLex in SLadvertisements, which were published on Allalure Blogspot. What’s wrong with this picture?

If any of you want to SLimulate with Portia, I’ve got the rare Iruco gacha surgical masks we need to make everything perfectly sterile. Be afroused, be very afroused.

Credits to creators
Ohmai for Collabor88, A Lil’ Foxy Red Fox (this round of Collabor88 will close on the 7th)
Pumpkin, I’ma little fox cloak brown (MESH)
u.f.o, Who is the Wolf (old TFG item, not available)
tee*fy, Floral Vintage Leggings Brown
Crazy, Monaco Boots (colour-change)
My UglyDorothy, Christmas Groupgift (in store)
Mother Goose’s, pointed lashes 1 (LB)
Blah, Scary! pose

Ho for Halloween

This is the time of year to stock up on Ho Wear. Every day of the work week, HeidiHo Huet releases a new outfit and charges only 25L during the first 24 hours. After that, prices go up to around 800L. In the days leading up to last Halloween, I snatched up plenty of elaborate and sinister costumes with names like Bride of Lost Souls. I did pass on the Mummy costume, which was just, um, mummy wrap, and not in a sexy, off-the-shoulder sort of way.

Some of last year’s gems are available in Ho Wear’s discount section, which is directly opposite the main showroom. These will run you between 100 and 200L. That means you can put that new Truth hair to fantasy work and become a member of the Blackfoot Tribe. Since this is fantasy, there’s no need to take off your SLink shoes, which don’t go with anything in your wardrobe and thus must be worn with everything.

Badlands Elf is one of a number of battle elf looks in the discount room. I don’t know what a battle elf is, but I’m pretty sure she wears long braids, like Valkyries (and like fashionistas). Ears, eyes, tattooed skin, and body-spikes are included in this ensemble.

Although I never wore the whole outfit, I used to love prancing around the adult sims in the arm-spikes. For some reason, my then-squeeze didn’t want to have SLex with me when I was all pointy. Maybe I should have tried a headless AO instead.

Credits to creators
Look one
outfit: Ho Wear, Blackfoot Tribe (in the Discount room)
skin: &bean, Babushka Tribal Black Friday (no longer available)
lashes: Cheap Makeup: Babysitters Club Lashes (subo gift)
hair: Truth, Aiyana (Plain) from the Dark Browns
shoes: SLink, Cassandra Heels Mushroom
eyes: amato, Mist 01 (old freebie)

Look two
outfit: Ho Wear, Badlands Elf (in the Discount room)
hair: Truth, Aiyana (Plain) from the Dark Browns

poses: Izumiya, from the freebie packs
studio: Gauged, Photo Studio 1

Sweater girls

Watch out for your av’s ego. As soon as I bought Portia a handful of gowns from Phoenix Rising, she went out and crashed every ball and opera on the grid. Pretty soon she was running with a rich and powerful pack, and the paparazzi began to follow her everywhere. Now she claims she doesn’t want to be photographed ever again. Well, maybe by van Lamsweerde and Matadin, who are “true artists.”

Notice how Portia seems to be refusing to have her picture taken but has actually stopped long enough for everyone to admire her Aimesi sweater, Phoenix Rising shorts, and Paper Couture boots?

Naomi Campbell has nothing on Portia. She threw her purse at me when the belt she was wearing under her Fishy Strawberry sweater started to chafe. I had already lost the best light of the day convincing her that no one would confuse the baggy uppers of the pink izm pants with her own thighs, which I described as justly famous perfectly toned towers of pixeliciousness. She accused me of being stingy with the compliments and then asked me what I thought of her butt.

Credits to creators
Light look and closeup
sweater: Fishy Strawberry, Knit Sweater Greyish Purple (TDR)
pants: izm, Go to the Conveni pants pink
skin: Heartsick, Ayame Illusion Crimson Kiss (Mid Cleavage) (from the free Ayame Three Tone teaser)
hair: Exile, BetsyBanging Black (old TDR item)
earrings: Eclectica, from the Jazz Chinoiserie Set
purse: Vinyl Cafe, Dominion Purse Pink Tartan (free at Free*Style’s Juicy location)
belt:, Wide Waist.Belt (Mauve)

Dark look
sweater: Aimesi, part of Aimesi Fashion Group Gift Pullover+ Leggings
shorts: Phoenix Rising, part of Frilled (25L till October 30)
skin: Heartsick, Ayame Illusion Crimson Kiss (Mid Cleavage) (from the free Ayame Three Tone teaser)
hair: Clawtooth, Somebody’s Lady Coco
boots: Paper Couture, Typhoon Boots Black
tights: Paper Couture, Dark Tights_Blue Dots (1L)
necklace: Miel, Elle Uber Bow
hat: ? [creator Maxwell Maven], Unisex Fedora (modded)

emotions: YadNi Monde, Yadnis Emoter HUD v 3.1
poses: Olive Juice, Slapping (PPH2 hunt gift)
set: Gauged, Photo Studio 1


The pronounced under-eye attracted me to this Mons skin, a special makeup in the new line, available for 70L at The Dressing Room Blue. This bit of exaggerated flesh makes Portia look prettier and smarter than she is in actuality.

The kustom-kar-style kimono is on the Lucky Board at A.M.K.R, and the squiggly hair is from Heart Softens. With items like these, and a location like China, it feels crazy to take credit for these photos. I can see how working on an image with Photoshop would make one feel more responsible for its aesthetic success. On the other hand, if art requires suffering, then waiting for all textures to rez at the same time makes all of us artists, if not saints.

Credits to creators
kimono, shoes, flower: A.M.K.R, Kimono LB
skin: Mons, Likit RedLip (TDR Blue)
hair: Heart Softens, Onic Black (gg)
poses: DP*YumYum, Yukata pose pack
location: China sim

You make sleek kills

I thought I’d sworn off leopard, but this free dress from Morea Style is just too utterly utter. Portia doesn’t have a lot of evening wear because many SL gowns are too fussy, and the skirt prims look like prims, not skirt. A simple column dress in subtle textures is ideal. (When oh when are we all going neo-classical?!) Exile’s new group gift features orangey-yellow lips. As looks go, it’s a tough one to pull off, but a colour-coordinating bird makes it work.

Open your eyes Prudence is Amperlope’s latest shape, one of two she has for sale at The Rumor sim’s Fall Harvest Festival. It’s such a pleasure to find one’s way around a new shape. I figured out right away that Prudence is no lover of avant-garde fashion. This girl’s body is carved to be flaunted in a hot cheetah two-piece from Sn@tch. Even so, that stuffed bunny shouldn’t have copped a feel while we were shooting. It’s always the lamb who wants to lie down with the lion.

Credits to creators
Look one
dress: Morea Style, Gift Exclusive (gg in store)
hair: Exile, Layne/dual choc (old TDR item)
skin: Exile, September Blush Para (with cleavage on tattoo or undershirt layer) (new subo gift)
necklace: Fashionably Dead, Single Feather Necklace
earrings: Mandala, Sinra Earrings/Moss Green [<3!] (Rockin’ Friday item)
bangle: Eclectica, Tortoiseshell Bracelet (part of DSN pack)
eyes: Tacky Star, Satin Button Med Vein 1
bird and pose: Just a Pose, My Fine Feathered Friend

Look two
shape: amperlope, Open Your Eyes Prudence (at the Fall Harvest Festival) (promo copy)
outfit: Sn@tch, Cheetah Corset Set
skin: Imabee, Light Lucy First Sight Love LTbrow (old gg)
hair: Posh, Beat Chocolate (from Hair Fair freebie bag)
shoes: Surf Couture, Nantucket Spectators Black
bracelet: Just You, Ying Yang Black (Fashion Freaks Hunt item)
eyes: HooT, Sunrise Eyes (Starlust)
tat: Tacky Star, Signa Tat (Goat Party pack)
bunny: Curvature, My Bunny Best Friend (freebie single-pose version of multi-pose paybie)

Cut and paste

I wasn’t paying much attention to Paper Couture, which I assumed was beyond my budget, until I saw the orange Spotted Pantsuit. I love orange, and now that the flat Hallowe’en orange and yellowish autumnal oranges are upon us, I am feeling especially attached to tangerine and melon, to neon orange, and to screaming orange (if that’s what it’s called). Among SL fashion bloggers, those I admire most are the mix-masters, the women who can take a dozen disparate elements and pull them together beautifully. Uncannily, even. So, I bought the reasonably priced PC pantsuit and Chantkare’s orange Leopsi dress, a steal from The Dressing Room Blue, and I played exquisite corpse with Portia. (F’d Up has her looking all dead dolly.)

In Gone with the Wind, scheming Scarlett O’Hara reached for the drapes when she needed a new dress and emerged drowning in velvet, with a big tassel hanging off the end of her hat. In a skit on The Carol Burnett Show, the comedienne did the same, only she neglected to take out the curtain rod. For Lo’s outfit, I did a Scarlett Burnett, massaging the pouf sleeve from the Leopsi dress into a headwrap. Hey, it’s better than a bustle. (And this time I remembered to make a copy first!)

Portia wears
blouse: Chantkare, part of Leopsi dress (TDR Blue)
slacks: Paper Couture, part of Spotted Suit
jacket:, part of Tourist Jacket Army
belt: Veschi, part of Jump Her! (TDR Blue)
skin: F’d Up, Lauren (Smashed) Broken (NSA Hunt gift)
makeup: Dutch Touch, Yri Caramel Metallic Copper Lips (part of VIP gift)
hair: Clawtooth, A Place to Call Home Dusty Black (with Valentine’s birds) (Hair Fair Goodie Bag)
glasses: Adjunct, Marrakesh Glasses (colour-change lens)
bag: Puddles, Dollarbie Chantelle Bag Cream (may no longer be available)
earrings and bangles: Primalot, Africa Colored Crocodile set (colour-change) (subo gift, check history)
necklace: LaGyo, Leda Necklace Gold (old hunt gift)

Lo wears
jacket and belt: Paper Couture, part of Spotted Suit
trousers: Baiastice, Saba Pants Midnight
hairbase: booN, Vine Shaved Hairbase Red (Hair Fair gift)
headwrap: Chantkare, part of Leopsi Dress (modded, du-uh!)
skin: &bean, Babushka-ya-ya (old gift)
glasses: Adjunct, Marrakesh Glasses
necklace: LaGyo Coin Necklace (modded) (old gg)

poses: chicadabynilGiha, Metamorphos set (DUnltd19, at the Slow sim, only till the 26th)
set: Gauged, Photo Studio 1