Strip down, suit up

bastet Time was SLadies wore clothes made of fine soft fabrics that floated around their primitive bodies. Nowadays, they armour up in materials-ready metals, determined not to yield.
staff of anubis I wanted to see how many “primitivist” fantasy items I could throw together before Portia ended up looking like jambalaya (or the Lollapalooza audience). Pay careful attention to Trev, her colour-change necklace from Zibska. It’s menswear, but I figure menswear is for plundering. Also note the high-piled dreads of Iona from Discord Designs. This is a donation item at the <3 Ulaa event, which runs until August 18. I realize these events raise eyebrows as well as funds, so you can make up your own mind. Meanwhile, at 180L per colour pack, this hairdo is a steal. Generally speaking, gacha’s been kicking my av’s ass. All the more reason to wrap it in tin. I was lucky enough to score in quick succession two rare pieces from FDD, but otherwise I’ve just been getting triples of things in mint. Who wages war in mint? No, really, I want to know.

Zibska, Trev at La Metallique (NEW; ty Zib!)
Discord Designs – Iona (Brunette) (includes hairbases) at <3Ulaa
FDD, *Elsie* ChestBelt Golden – RARE (Tales of Fantasy gacha)
FDD, *Elsie* NipplesBra Golden – RARE (Tales of Fantasy gacha)
Luas, Valkiria Armor Green (FGC)
Luas, Valkiria Skirt Green (FGC)
DRD, ancient agypt gauntlet gold (past OMG gacha)
DRD, ancient staff bastet (pic one) (past OMG gacha)
DRD, ancient staff anubis (pic two) (past OMG gacha)
DRD, snake armbands (past OMG gacha)
22769 ~ [accessories] Princess Earring Gold COMMON (FGC)
::TI:: Punisher Hand Chain- Gold
Lolas ::: Tango Delicq ::: Fitted Mesh Breasts
-Glam Affair – Aria – Jamaica 04 H (old gacha)
{S0NG} :: Chibi~ Abyss Eye
pose one: Rack, She’s a Badass Bitch 4 (old gacha)
pose two: Posetivity, Violet pack now at Fi*Friday

Blown away

flyslow Portia is blown away by Aliza Karu’s new Black Rook skirt for Angels and Demons. You can buy only the skirt at the mainstore or go to A6D to buy the matching romantic top (not shown here) and get a HUD for 50% off the skirt.
hornedoakley If they don’t get stuck in the gacha dispenser, Zibska’s ginormous horns are sure to thrill the throngs at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which opens on August 10. There are several monochrome commons available and a rare version which features a colour-change HUD. Sian Pearl’s Child of Atlantis earrings are making a stately procession from We <3 Roleplay to the Chariot mainstore. (By that I mean she’s mucking about in a caravan with her family and has completely forgotten about SL for the moment.)
flownsma I had way too much fun with this shoot.

[Angels and Demons] Black Rook mesh skirt (NEW; buy the matching top at A6D to get a HUD for 50% off the skirt at the main store) ty Aliza!
Zibska, Lifa ~ Headpiece and Necklace (NEW; coming soon at Fantasy Gacha Carnival) ty Zib!
[Chariot] Child of Atlantis earring – Ruby of Meru (NEW; soon available in the mainstore) ty Sian!
Opall*Hikaru bracelets Mouse
[Le Forme] Heroin Body Black
.DirtyStories. 69 Leg Tattoo (free)
ALB, LION gladiator heels 2 XS by AnaLee Balut needs Slink high feet
Clemmm, white tintable lashes
{S0NG} :: Chibi~ Abyss Eye
-Glam Affair – Oakley skin – Asia 06 A (old gacha: try yard sales)
pose one and three: Grafica, Drift pack (ty Alyx!)
location: Urban Decay

Satellite of love

ZibskaEuropa Hair Fair has to be the fashion year’s weirdest event. Until mesh bodies give us the option of multiplying av heads there’s just no way to wear a dozen new hairdos at once. One possible exception to this rule is the work of Zib Scaggs for Zibska. Ms. Scaggs’ hairdos are so avant-garde that they could be stacked to stunning effect. Here Portia opts only for Io, named liked all five new offerings for one of Saturn’s moons. Personally, I would avoid the annual coiffure craziness altogether if it weren’t for the opportunity to contribute to the Wigs for Kids charity. Zibska is the place to go if you want to donate in high style because each new ‘do is set for an impressive 50 per cent donation. Let the hair games begin.

Credits to creators
Zibska, Io (NEW for Hair Fair; ty Zib!)
Paperbag. Clear Vinyl Swim Suit (at The Big Show)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
[KOOQLA] Nico skin – Moonwalker (lb) (group gift)
[KOOQLA] Ghost Fingers (needs Slink hands; group gift)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual -
Clemmm – Ghost Eyes v.4
pose: oldie from PDA


Hedda wants you to know that the new Mateata gown from h.m.a.e.m is one of the sexiest dresses she has ever worn. The geometric pattern throws as many curves as the female body. If you don’t like black, there are blue and red versions to enjoy. Continue reading


It’s very evocative—the name of the new event. The Instruments it’s called. It made me orchestrate an ensemble of Zib Scaggs’ bountiful Kiele dress for Zibska and Shortcake Sugarplum’s plentiful Model Lashes for No. 7. The towering lashes are colour change and the Kiele dress, with its cage skirt and floral orbits, is available in blue and charcoal as well as the citrus and purple shades you see here. Hedda is looking a little odd as a nocturnal cutie with tanned skin. This was a Fifty Linden Friday edition of the Astrali skin from Aikea Reiko of The Plastik. The full-body tattoo is paler than the skin. And it’s gorgeous. Nobody does body art with more creativity and elegance than Ms. Rieko. Continue reading


Geometric perfection and permanent revolution meet in Zib Scaggs’ new Nadia outfit for Zibska. It’s productivism but silkier, slinkier. Lines lose their clean when the body heaves. The protractor is not your comrade. He’s your lover.
Erwin Piscator came to mind. After a visit to Collabor88, so did brothel creepers. It’s all about the crepe. Even the stairs are pleats.
You will find Nadia at the Fashion Art Fair until May 31st. Do visit the fair. Although I love Seraphim, their coverage of this event is slim. The creators probably weren’t set up when they visited to take pics. Remember when you go that you mustn’t hump the tentacles. Couture requires restraint. (Plus, I found out the disappointing way that they’re only mannequins. I could use a bigger protractor right about now.)

Credits to creators
Zibska, Nadia outfit in Noir (at the Fashion Art Fair; ty Zib!)
[INK] Hair___MILKSHAKES+Made a fringe ::Coal(Click Resize) (at Collabor88)
:::LP::: Pyramid_Stud Pearl/Onyx (Sxey and I Know It Hunt)
.Birdy. Red skin ~Porcelaine~ (Limited edition Enchanted) (not available)
.::Mother Goose’s::. pointed lashes-1
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
MONS / Shocking eyes – red
BENT, Escher pose box (not available)

Take this longing

patience It’s that end-of-the-month moment when everything’s been blogged but one still has the itch. It’s time to love the lull, to sit very very still before the next round of events begins. Knowing there will be a new flood come May 1st does nothing to relax me today. Indeed, the chaos of too many choices could sink me. I must take pictures now, while the fish and I can keep our heads above water.
hooked Hedda’s skin is Pandorah by Aikea Rieko of The Plastik. It is just one of the 100 skin tones in her Astrali line. The colour changes with the Windlight. It’s so fascinating to see it shift from grape to lavender, grey and blue.
toes I once saw a bondage film in which a woman was secured only by her big toes. She was unable to move from atop the table where she stood but only a piece of ordinary string was holding her there. Bondage as simple and light as that is almost symbolic. It plays up the desire to give over control rather than the one to be prevented from acting.

Take This Longing

Credits to creators
Zibska, Daphnis (NEW. The hooks and fishes can be worn separately. This is a VIP group gift. There’s a 200L fee to join but many previous gifts are still available. Ty Zib!)
The Plastik- Astrali Skin[Basic]:// Pandorah (ty Aikea!)
Mad’, Scale Pasties (NEW)
Nox. Beauty Marks [Four]
[LeLutka]-SEIKO hair – BlueNightFade
Clemmm – ReSnick eyes .black sclera.Rack
.ARISE. Ankle Cuff / Black (left ankle only in pack; colour change)
Slink, Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium XXS
:[Plastik]:- Clara Shrug [M]:// Faust (came with a whole outfit called Faust)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
A:S:S, Art Deco Nails for Slink feet and hands
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small
Rack Poses, Tied for you chair 3 (gacha)


rep Here Hedda wears the new Skuro necklace from Riri Nini for h.m.a.e.m. It’s also available in all-black gems and in a combo of wine and emerald stones. Below, Hedda wears The Gathering, one of Zib Scaggs’ new bird-themed headdresses for Zibska. Zib likes to add orbits to her outfits, so birds make sense as a signature motif. (Satellites may be next.) Riri likes luxury. But there have to be dashes, or dots, of eccentricity. Her ladies do more than lunch.

thegathering Hedda’s minimalist look makes me happy. Bold beauty marks from Visage by Volupuraptor Pearl decorate Birdy’s May skin, a lovely Asian face I picked up at Skin Fair.


Look 1
h.m.a.e.m. – Skuro – necklace 001c [modded] (NEW at Salimar location only; ty Riri)
.Birdy. May Skin ~Peaches~ (Skin Fair exclusive)
Visage, Beauty Marks – set 07 – light (on Marketplace)
~Tableau Vivant~ Valentin Hair (regular) – Equinox pack (Fameshed)
(fd) Blazer – Black Dots XXS
{SMS} Carrot Pants Dot Black M
MaxiGossamer – Bangles – Ramona 77 set
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
o0o studio, allegory 6

Look 2
Zibska, The Gathering (NEW; ty Zib!)
.Birdy. May Skin ~Peaches~ (Skin Fair exclusive)
cStar Limited – Spectrum Lines Eyeliner
Visage, Beauty Marks – set 07 – light (on Marketplace)
little bones. Ministry blacks pack (at Chapter 4)
Tee*fy, Dakota Corset Gown Black XS

New ambition

Astrali Aikea Rieko of The Plastik has just released her Astrali skin in a range so comprehensive that you can now break up with your lover and be sure to forget them while you frolic among the hundred tones. That’s right: one.hundred. (/me hears the sound of marriages ending) The tones are divided into cool, warm and neutral palettes. Basically, you can be any colour of the rainbow. And that rainbow includes plenty of luscious dark skins with overtones of dark green or black cherry. Each skin pack includes several eyeshadows and a browless tat, as well as Ms. Rieko’s signature lip treatments and freckles. All appliers are sold in a separate pack.

Rare Ambition
Stop talking about ruling that off-world colony and get to it! Sian Pearl’s Ambition gown for MetaTheodora will make your gacha dreams come true when the Secret Affair event opens on April 6th. If you want to attract attention, rather than command it at gun point, the fabulous April pack from The Muse Poses offers you an array of elegant choices.
Hedy You still have time to visit the Fiera event before it closes on the 31st. Here, Hedda models the sparkling new Hedy hat by Zib Scaggs for Zibska. Hedy, which is colour, size and shine change, comes with a matching necklace. Hedda opted not to wear it because it was cutting into the chocolate eclairs she stores behind her collar. You can buy the hat and necklace duo alone or, for the same price, as part of the Leticia outfit, which is also new at Fiera.

:[Plastik]:- Astrali Skin[Basic]:// Eridanus with Astrali Eyeshadow:// Cobalt (NEW, on the second floor; ty Aikea!)
Zibska, Hedy ~ Hat (NEW at Fiera event by Saviad till the 31st; ty Zib!)
MetaTheodora – Ambition – black/white (RARE) – XS-S (NEW gacha at The Secret Affair opening April 6; ty Sian!)
booN, cornrows hairbase blueblack
booN, SOT812 hair blueblack
DRD, chrono fangs
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual -
ieQED, hand.spike.titanium shoes [don't wanna wear nothing else]
Slink, Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS – High
: Amorous : Die Schlacht (Earring
:Hebenon Vial: Pitch Piercings [Ink, V.1]
Clemmm – Dark Chic Circus Lashes (part of gift at Skin Fair)
[UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Ink-
poses 1 and 3: The Muse Poses, April (NEW; ty Audrey!)
pose 2: elephante poses, under your spell pack (Twisted Hunt prize)

The future isn’t forever

fall This is not space travel. This is what happens when your friend forgets to put you on her access list. (And you brought your pudding gun and everything.) There’s a lot to want in this pic and very little time to get it because Futurewave ends at midnight SLT today, February 23rd. The helmet from BFI has a ton of visor options—half of them completely opaque and far more butch than the lady-coloured one Portia wears. The Tinker Tailor boots from Miamai are available in sober shades of black, green and grey, among others. These are truly high-fashion battle boots because the slim ankle makes them perfect for skirts. Last but not least, Pleisure mainstay Zib Scaggs for Zibska gives us pudding without the gun in her Dagmar dress and collar. There is an all-silver version of the dress as well as one in burnt-acid green and cobalt blue. DRD’s Cyber Cables bring the sparks.

rook This is not a lab for cellular regeneration. This is where bloggers go to regret their Windlight choices. Portia wears the super-cute pants and blouse from DRBC’s Nomi jumpsuit in Fire and Noir, respectively. Underneath, she’s snug as a bug in the red version of the Halcyon spacesuit from Gallactic. A Gallactic collar and Rigellia Earpiece from CPD round out the look.

Credits to creators
A world of thanks to the Futurewave creators. Unless otherwise noted, everything here is from Futurewave.
Look 1
Zibska, Dagmar ~ Atchung dress and collar
=BFI// Viper Helmet – Female Fit V1.2
DRD, Cyber Cables with electricity
Miamai,_Tinker Taylor boots -Ceremony smb – female S
=BFI// Armored Undersuit – DARK (also a light version)
Tee*fy, Pudding Gun (old Arcade gacha)
-Glam Affair – Elvi – America – 03 (not at Futurewave)
pose: Rook, Aim and Fire pack

Look 2
::drbc:: nomi pants s – fire
::drbc:: nomi top s – noir
GALLACTIC . Halcyon . Red bodysuit (Lolas and Slink and Phat Azz appliers included in pack)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (not at Futurewave)
GALLACTIC . Eclipse collar . Grey
:*:CPD:*: Rigellia Starfield Earpiece
booN, cornrows hairbase purple (not at Futurewave)
booN, KGI848 hair purple (not at Futurewave)
Miamai_Tinker Taylor boots -Ceremony smb – female S
-Glam Affair – Mokatana – America – Star (not at Futurewave)
prop: Rook, Recovery Unit