So Many Styles

Second Life is the only place I enjoy wearing a suit jacket. The real-life versions are too structured to be comfortable, and I have always resisted the conservative conformity of the work suit. So Many Styles’ Another Vintage Jacket is too gorgeous to be conformist, although it would be impossible to wear in the real world. Imagine my tiny cute head bobbing between those broad, elegant padded and studded shoulders. /me shudders.

My first version of this luxurious jacket was a special beige edition available only at Euni Kira’s blog headquarters. Here Portia wears it with the first skin I fell in love with, and probably the one that suits my avatar best, Babushka-ya-ya by &bean. This was a special Hallowe’en version patterned with a dotted line to guide a child’s scissors or a surgeon’s knife. I had fun searching for gold items to match the corsage and chose Dominion’s then-free Ankle Wrap sandals and SL’s Shiny Leggings. I like the way the pink hair (Miki in ruby by Diva) doesn’t match the skin or the clothes. It reminds me of tanned Japanese teens in kooky outfits.

Portia didn’t wear the prim skirt with the beige jacket, but you can see it here on the red version that I picked up on a 50L Friday. Portia’s Hucci Dhalia [sic] jumpsuit exposes most of her hips, but the flared jacket cleverly covers without completely hiding the nudity. (A glimpse of flesh is sexier than an eyeful.) In addition to Cupcakes’ Daydream 2.0 Brilliant skin, Portia wears witch in ink, the smash-hit hairdo of the winter by lamb. Beautifully sculpted, it is also so unflattering that it tips over into the sublime. The mango shade does frighten away a lot of men, but not the ones worth meeting.

A closer look at those shoulders and that hair.


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