Fashion faux pas

The French have such a reputation for intolerance that even the most stylish of North Americans may be nervous about strutting her stuff in the City of Light. Not to worry. On a beautiful spring day, you may pair your pink all-in-one with towering snakeskin stilettos, and your grandmother’s hair, and still ride the subway without exciting derision.

In fact, in the weeks leading up to Easter, you may stuff your rucksack with a pair of rabbits (instead of pressed powder and Marc Augé’s latest book) and ride the whole of line 1 without eliciting a single comment. No gentleman would hesitate to offer you his seat.

Portia wears:

Look one

outfit: Ribbon, All-in-One (recent dollarbie)

hair: Wot?, DTC hunt gift

shoes: Relentless Couture, Cold Hearted Snake stilettos

skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY, Sopha 2-3 (Red Packet hunt gift)

earrings: [kik], Parl (Red Packet hunt gift)

eyes: Tacky Star, Satin Button, Med Vein 1


location: MIU (thanks Ysabel Beaumont for the tip)

Look two

hair: booN, NMR122 hair, green (update group gift)

cami and stockings: Dilly Dolls, Absynth Adorea (Twisted hunt gift, March 2010)

lace top and collar: Sick With Lust, Deck of Tarot outfit (old Tarot Card hunt gift)

skirt: Pixel Dolls, Bonney Lass skirt (from the Xmas gifts)

boots: SMOTD, Tippytoes pony boot (Twisted hunt gift, March 2010)

skin: Clinic, Alice Pale (Weekend Fever item)

glasses: Skinzor, Paddy Whacked glasses

petit amant vert: Sensual Stone Works, Backpack Tentacle Pet (fully scripted, to put it mildly)

Look three

corset: OoEas!, Bustier in Grass (current dollarbie or group gift)

pants: LeLUltra, Cylinder pink (old group gift)

skin: Bunny B, Jolie in Pale / Makeup 8 (comes in Keligh 50L fatpack)

hair: Oj-Cutie!, Oj*SP(w&p) (old group gift)

bag: BP*, gamaguchi bag (February group gift)

socks: MIS, Baggy Socks in rose (old gift that may still be available)

weird hybrid: Rigormortis, Tentacle Bunny of Doom (how this landed in my inventory I don’t recall, but it looks like an old Twisted Hunt gift)


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