Camo vs. CamNo

In RL I would never wear camouflage clothing or any military-inspired gear. The reason is simple: it reminds me of war, an exercise of power designed to enrich the few at the expense of the many’s livelihoods and lives. Despite my aversion to military gear, I cherish the memory of an olive drab jumpsuit I wore with burgundy ankle boots when I was a tween. And in SL, I found myself rushing out to grab K&C Fashion’s group gift, the Deluxe Army stilettos. These shoes got me thinking about my choices, and I realized that I could draw a distinction between camo and camNo, between camouflage that satisfies aesthetically by melding creature and environment and camNo that glorifies power. In her photos, Portia goes for camo.

Mimikri’s skirt is one of the best pieces of design I’ve seen in SL,’s jacket is impeccable, and the colour of Crazy’s top is beautifully refined. Mynerva’s exquisite Drow skin and the Glitterati pose, which is actually a male pose, give Portia the look of a gentle creature. The amazing hair that appears to be sprouting moss is free10L from Mikan at Creators Pavilion.

In this photo, Shapely goes for CamNo. One of the pleasures of SL is creating images of empowered females, and I do enjoy this tacky, bad-ass look. But I’d like to find a way to show empowered women without resorting to guns and camo. Again, the pose built in to Glitterati’s brilliant garage set really sets the tone here. Shapely looks like she’s completely paranoid, holed up with her loot from the hundred hunts she’s doing, and determined to die fighting rather than give away the exact location of a gift.

As part of this outfit, Ticky Tacky’s Melatonin Makes Me Mellow necklace, from the FTLO…Science hunt, looks like a bullet-forged battlefield souvenir. In actuality, it’s an image of the chemical structure of the compound that makes you sleepy (and, fascinatingly enough, regulates animal camouflage).

This post is dedicated to SunShine Kukulcan, who saved me from eating my own brains. TY SunShine!

Credits to creators
Look one
skirt: Mimikri, Peggy Olive (former TDR item)
jacket:, Tourist Jacket
top: Crazy, part of Oness dress
shoes: K&C Fashion, Deluxe Army shoes (recent 600 group members gift)
skin etc.: Mynerva, Platinum Red Lips and Drow Ears and Eyeliner (Platinum Hunt item; 10L)
tattoo: Wicked Designs, part of Shanea’s Birthday Package (join group and check notices)
hair: Mikan Hair, Anne Espresso and Green (Creators Pavilion freebie)
necklace: Ticky Tacky, Melatonin Makes Me Mellow (For the Love of Science hunt #36)

Look two
outfit: SK Designs, Tarnung Outfit (skirt not shown)
shape: Heartsick, Sparkle (freebie)
skin: Glam Affair, Sofia (Tease Outfit) (ZombiePopcorn hunt gift)
hair: LeLutka, Rush Praline (gg)
shoes: K&C Fashion, Deluxe Army shoes (recent 600 group members gift)
eyes: Deviant Designs, Winter Months
tears: epoque, Chandelier Tears-Death
tattoo: Sn@tch, Wicked Faith Tattoo
necklace: Ticky Tacky, Melatonin Makes Me Mellow (For the Love of Science hunt #36)
ring: Happy Finds, Grinning Death Ring (old gg)
cig: FNKY!, Cigarette II
handgun: no idea who made it!

set: Glitterati Poses, Garage


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