Green as grass

Here’s hoping the next 52 Weeks of Color challenge isn’t green.

I knew after trying just three makeups that I wanted the fatpack of the new version of Jolie by Dutch Touch. Yes, it was a deal for group members, but no I never fatpack skins. The differences between makeups always seem either too small or too great. But Jolie features a range of makeups that is both rational and robust. And it makes Portia look polished without appearing airbrushed. There’s a grain to this skin, a texture, that I don’t see in high-shine skins. Jolie is like touchable fabric in a world where many skins run through your fingers like mercury.

Credits to creators
blouse: artilleri, Othelie Blouse Lime (former 50L Fri exclusive)
skirt: SMS Autumn Skirt Border Khaki (former 50L Fri item)
brooch: Happy Finds, Twin Lady Rabbits Brooch (new gg; 300L join fee)
skin: DT Jolie V2 Cream Autumn CL1 EBBlond
hair: Shag, Sonnet Cashmere
shoes: Kookie, Vo Pumps Grass Green (former 50L Fri item)
glasses: Octy’s, November gg
basket: Ruru@Pino, Applizm(grassy) (LB)
socks: en svale, Free Knee Socks Olive (freebie)
eyes: Glam Affair, Stella n4
poses: Inert (Stumblebum item Nov. 13-19)
locations: &bean store, Inert store


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