You mean the Dutch supervillain?

Thus far I am resisting the temptation to stockpile colours for the 52 Weeks challenge. The likely result of my temperance will be a week of hysterical blindness following Luna Jubilee’s announcement of “yellow.” I have to admit that I was stumped by goldenrod, and was even more confused after looking at the feeds, so I was relieved to discover that BOOM’s Super Bargain Saturday skirt fit the bill. Back where I come from (the 70s), we called this browny-gold or butterscotch, and there are browny-gold beads in Ticky Tacky’s Hestia necklace that look like butterscotch candies. If acorns are more your thing, you have less than a week to grab the FTLO Fall Hunt gift from Just a Pose, which includes three wearable nuts. You’d be crazy to miss Pig’s sale of items that will be discontinued when the Gaylord sim is sold. Faves such as Darling Baby Seal and the Comfies are 25L a colour and 99 or 150L for fatpacks. Right now, anything black or grey is also discounted to 50L. Thimbles, Apatia Hammerer’s other line with Melatonin Hax, is going to be deep-sixed, so you should grab all of its 25L goodies too.

Credits to creators
skirt: BOOM, Love Me Skirt (comes with shirt) (SBS item)
necklace: Ticky Tacky, Hestia Butternut (comes with bangles) (ty Narita! nom nom nom)
sweater: Pig, part of Comfies Set Corn Husk/Engine Oil (25L)
hair: Tiny Bird, Have You Forgotten Golden Auburn
skin: Fashionably Dead, Morning Sun Essential 6
bustier: W&B, Rachelle Cropped Bustier Tartan Gold
tights: Concrete Flowers, Simple Tights Mustard
shoes: Beemann, Worm Food Flats [eeew, I say] (FTLOF Hunt gift)
pose: Just a Pose, Acorny Buddy Stand (FTLOF Hunt gift; ty Glam!)


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