In the United States, this is the week when singletons gather to hold parodic Thanksgiving feasts. And avatars trot out brand-new seasonal skins, like Atomic’s November VIP group gift, the Illusory promo, with its Native American-inspired makeup.

Portia is hosting this week’s party, but she has no idea that her guests will be sporting themed ensembles complete with feathered hairdos. Lo and Bini are sad that Thimbles is closing, but happy to scarf up all the 25L goodies. Lo wears 1983 Calling in Cranberry. The pack contains a plain dress and versions decorated with silver or gold stars. There are many other colours to choose from. Lo figures that if it’s 1983 her socks have to be white. (A while ago, I featured another version of 1983 Calling on my Flickr page. Check it out if you lurve big hair and two-tone accessories.)

Bini is wearing an adorable hipster-aerobicizer outfit that’s available at Thimbles in several irresistible colour combinations. Each outfit features a bustier, suspenders, grandma panties, two (non-prim) ascots, and a funny name. With its berry-coloured bustier, The Woodsman’s Lodge Dance Party is perfect for parodic Thanksgiving feasts.

Those three stars aren’t seasonal, but they are festive, and this SiSi skin is brand new on the LB at Mother Goose’s.

Credits to creators
Look retro
dress: Thimbles, 1983 Calling Cranberry Juice (25L store closing sale)
coat: BaLaC, Military Mods Coat (gift in store)
hair: Raw Power, Brookelle Lone Wolf (FTLO Fall hunt gift)
skin: Atomic, Illusory Skin Promo Warm Nov VIP (gg; fee to join)
bag: MayoNaise, Too Large a Woven Bag Emerald (gacha; may no longer be available)
shoes: Pixel Mode, Baby T Plain Soft Gold
leggings: League, Metallic Shine Leggings (old subo gift)
socks: o*m, Socks White (from dollarbie pack of six colors)
necklace: Ticky Tacky, Hestia Fava
cig: FNKY, Cigarette II
eyes: Plastik, VaeColl.-Winter (part of yesterday’s amazing Lazy Sunday pack)

Look mod
outfit: Thimbles, Woodsman’s Lodge Dance Party (25L store closing sale)
jacket: NSD, Gallagher Jacket Green [shown without its hood]
hair: Anaphora, Smokahontas Bole (gg)
skin: Mother Goose’s, SiSi(2) LB (Lucky Board @ Turpentine location)
shape: Mother Goose’s, Bini ShapE
necklace: Ticky Tacky, Hestia Cranberry
boots: Bukka, Leather Boots Red
leggings: Plastik, Fierii Leggings Reign (part of yesterday’s amazing Lazy Sunday pack)
socks: Maitreya Gold, part of Allure with Socks Cerulean
eyes: Plastik, VaeColl.-Winter (part of yesterday’s amazing Lazy Sunday pack)

poses: o*m, freebies 96-100


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