Plum me

I was already working on this outfit when I found out that this week’s theme for the 52 Weeks of Color challenge would be plum. Technically, Portia’s &bean lipstick is closest to Luna Jubilee’s colour swatch. But when I think of plum, I see the colour of Tomoto’s recent release, the Haori Monomaru in Wine.

When I first started playing SL, I put Portia and Lo, my alt, to bed before I logged off. I didn’t like the thought of the girls being “in limbo” when I had done playing with them. So they slept in the same big bed, together but not visible to one another, in a house that appeared abandoned. Lately, I’ve felt the need to buy Portia a home so that she can relax in her own space and wear more outfits like this one, which just doesn’t look right in a studio shot. I don’t own a house in real life, and I don’t want one, but I am very attached to my bed, and I feel like I want to get a good one for Portia. Maybe this is just a symptom of not being able to spend enough time in my own beloved scratcher.

Credits to creators
robe: tomoto, haori monomaru wine
romper and socks: TokiD, part of Jomper of Apples (Project Themeory item; other versions of the romper only are available)
hair: Clawtooth, Beg Your Pardon Coco
skin: &bean, Old Bones C Pale Big Brows
lipstick: &bean, Wet Lips Plum (tat layer sold separately)
shoes: LeLutka, Pow Pumps Powder Pink
ring: Happy Finds, Chunky Agate Ring (recent gg; join fee)
eyes: Glam Affair, Stella Eyes n4 (came with TDR skin)
set 1: Modd.g, Made of Forest Animals and Folklore Scene (free upstairs at the Existence sim store)
set 2: **DP**yumyum, Fitting room(gift) (old gg)
pose 2: Olive Juice

What do you think?

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