I wanna go to cool places with you

I love early mornings in SL because all the people who log on later are still asleep, and I can get a pic or two before the lag derezzes everything. Honestly, the amount of time I spent on Sunday trying unsuccessfully to photograph in a wintry sim was obscene. I am back today with more FTLO Ice Fest offerings from Pom.Pon and Kis Kis. This ruddy skin is a 100L Ice Fest exclusive from Kis Kis, and there is a demo available. The heather-grey outfit, excluding the Kis Kis legwarmers, is Pom.Pon’s exclusive item, also 100L. (I imagine it looks dreamier with a better graphics card.)

(Snow swarm stealed mah shoe.) I especially like the bodysuit hiding under the skirt, which shows off the sexiness of the low-slung silver leggings. In real life, those things would be hugging my lower butt in the time I walked to work. In SL, I have stay-put butt, aka Sta-Putt.

Sled to the Ice Fest.

Credits to creators
FTLO Ice Fest items (ty creators!)
outfit: Pom.Pon, Oh My Snowflake Outfit
skin: Kis Kis, USVA Skin 1 Dancing in the Snow
warmers: Kis Kis, Plum Legwarmers (not exclusive to the fest)
Other stuff
shape: Free*Style, Little Miss Quirk (old pay what you want at Free*Style)
hair: Lamb, Lost Milk
eyes: Plastik, Vae.Coll. Winter
socks: o*m, White socks
pose: .tea, In a Mood set
location: Moritz


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