We’re through being cool

Finally I’m feeling the frosty fun! In RL, it’s -9, and yet I’m relishing the icey blues of these offerings from the FTLO Ice Fest. Why? Because they’re fun. Heck, I’d even go so far as to say they’re full of funwin. Croire brings us cute new poses for avatars wearing winter jackets with prim attachments. Ingenue offers us a demure and dreamy frosty frock. And Epic brings the giggle-fit with boots and arm warmers that shed snow. Cause nature doesn’t do that enough! In addition to 100L exclusive items, creators have put out amazing hunt gifts like Beauty Killer’s eye-numbing glasses. Using a patented laserbeam process, chief FTLO engineer Rhed Rhode has remolecularized these gifts to integrate them with the crystals of conspicuously large snowflakes. It’s very technical, I know.

I was so excited to post this look and rushed to do it because I knew that every blogger on the grid would be dressed in this exact outfit in a matter of hours, but the internet went down. In my house, at least. (Only in my house, probably.) I’ll come back soon with more Ice Festival goodies. In the meantime, hit the sim: FTLO Ice Fest.

Credits to creators
FTLO Ice Festival items
dress: Ingenue, Cadeau Frost
arm warmers: Epic, FTLO Ice Exclusive Sparkle Snow Arm Warmers
leg warmers: Epic, FTLO Ice Exclusive Sparkle Snow Booties
specs: Beauty Killer, Frozen Glasses
poses: Croire
Thank you all for your fab items! /me tosses out snowballs filled with truffles
Regular items
fur: Mimikri, Yeti Vest (current TDR Blue, ends this Thursday)
skin: Romi Skin, Group Gift Skin 7
eyeshadow: Cheap Makeup, Warhol’s Muse Eyeshadow (old subo gift)
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica (old ZP Hunt gift)
hair: Lamb, Witch Grayscale


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