Running wild and looking pretty

In retrospect, it’s hard to believe that I worshipped Pat Benatar and Debbie Harry equally. Benatar never played CBGBs or appeared on Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party. (But she did know her way around a bodysuit.) In retrospect, it’s embarrassing that I didn’t know Blondie was retro. (I just found the Farfisa annoying.) Thinking about the evolution of my taste in all things, I’m grateful that I grew up to embrace Harryesque irony rather than Benatarian authenticity. But sometimes I have the feeling that there’s a rock chick inside of me. And she…no, I can’t even type it…. And she tolerates guitar solos just fine.

I wanted to show off the flutter-sleeved LMK blouse that blonde Portia wears today. I found it in the shop, costing 75L, with no Super Lazy Bargain Fever sign to justify its price tag. I also wanted to do something different with the INDI leathers that everyone has already blogged, but it’s too perfect a set to break into pieces. Looking at today’s credits, I have to admit that without the wonderful and affordable offerings from TDR and TDR Blue, Pleisure would have dropped off the charts by now. TYVM!

Credits to creators
Look stray
blouse: LMK, Silky Frill Blouse
hair: SYDS, Cat Stray for LB (LB)
skin: Glam Affair, Eva skin Winter Make up 1 (old TDR)
skirt: Grixdale, Maggie Skirt Tweed Dust
bangles: YS&YS, Bone Bangles (old TDR)
necklace: Glow Studio, Female Necklace for TDR Friends [modded colour] (gg)
pants: Fishy Strawberry, Benatar Pants Brass
ring: Lark, Silence-Gilded Horn Ring (no longer available)
cig: FNKY, Cigarette II
pose: BehaviorBody, Mirror Set (old TDR)

Look feral
outfit: INDI, With Love From INDI (WLFH gift 10L)
hair: Exile, Rina Chocolate Swirl (subo gift)
jewels: Grixdale, Deco Layered Necklace Top Sterling
tat: XWD Studio, Queen of Hearts (old gift)
shades: DECO, Swank Glasses Polka Dots Grape (ZPH gift)
skin: Curio, Petal Light Winter Coal 1
eye makeup: ee., TM Up from Treat Me pack (group MM Board)
cig: F*S, Smoking Cigarette
pose: DARE, from the TDR 80s pack (old TDR)

studio: Gauged, Photo Studio 1


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