On the road

I recently happened upon a summary of the eco-feminist critique of meat-eating. It drew a connection between the way we treat women and the way we treat animals, arguing that western culture animalizes women and feminizes animals, making it easier to exploit both. I’d give you the link, but this particular knowledge came my way via an ancient form of communication called the “handout.” I don’t wear fur in real life, but I love it in SL and don’t feel conflicted about it. However, I did opt not to dress my rabbit-eared model in a rabbit-fur scarf. It felt like cannibalism.

Portia feels hunted even though she’s the one sporting The Sea Hole’s Vulfie Dress, which can be worn with or without the fur trims. Check my Flickr page for a shot of the front of the dress, where you can see the lovely wolf heads that subtly adorn her breasts.

This shape came with an LB skin win from My UglyDorothy, but I don’t remember which one. I think she’s adorably gawky. Her hair is my favourite-ever rabbit-ears ‘do. (Yes, it’s a small category of coiffure, but it’s a significant one in SL!) Her transparent dress is from Fashionably Dead, which offers a quartet of gothic “bride” dresses. I just had to choose the sad one, didn’t I?

Credits to creators
Look rabbit
dress with beads: Fashionably Dead, Bride Dress Sad
skin: Belleza, Erika Fair Group Gift (in notices; join fee 300L)
hair: Mikan, Honey Bunny Ohagi (kinda old gacha)
tights: Concrete Flowers, Simple Leggings Petrol
bracelet: Loulou&Co, Bracelets Baikal (FTLO Ice Festival item; tyvm!)
flats: Beemann, Curse You Flats
makeup: Beemann, Feather 1
poses: Croire, dfo!

Look wolf
dress: The Sea Hole, Vulfie Dress
hair: Lamb, Lovage Snickers
skin: Dutch Touch, Maan Valentine’s 2010 gg
lips: LG Concept, Gap Teeth Lips Red
boots: Sassy Kitty, part of The Dirty Turkey Hunt gift
tights: Latte, Jewelry Tights Brown (old freebie in store)
earrings: Dark Mouse, part of Vintage Nouveau set
pose: dfo!

location: Wretched Hollow


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