As someone who came of age in the 1980s—and who can’t even begin to believe that Thierry Mugler is making a comeback—I had much fun photographing this fabulous free blouse and hairpiece by House of Fox. That’s not to suggest that the work isn’t contemporary. It is. It’s just to say that I have been waiting twenty years to get a crack at shooting an amazon in a dramatically designed outfit against a backdrop that juxtaposes stark architecture with a very blue sky.

Liberty Shinn, who just reopened *LP* Design at a new location, was kind enough to send me a gift card so that I could choose something special for my avi. I snapped up her Maxonna Jeans in black and hot pink. I already own them in blue, and they are one of my best pairs of digital pants. I’ve always loved palazzo pants in RL, and somehow I manage to pull them off even though I am only Madonna-sized. (5 foot 3 and a half, on a good day.)

Credits to creators
blouse and hairpiece: House of Fox, BlousingBlack and FemmeFataleHair (free at the FTLO Ice Festival location)
pants: LP, Maxonna Jeans Black (thanks Liberty!)
skin: Curio, Moonbeam Dark Elf Happy Holidays (old gift)
eyebrows: &bean, Praying mantis brow 2 (freebie)
eyelashes 1: glow studio, Avantgarde Eyelashes Ademonia (old TDR)
eyelashes 2: glow studio, Bohemia Eyelashes-Raindrop (old gift)
shoes: House of Fox, EdgyPump[Black]Aqua (subo gift)
bracelets: Sonatta Morales, Flapper Bracelets (old freebie)
earrings: Dark Mouse, Vintage Nouveau Earrings
armwrap: INDI Designs, part of With Love from INDI Designs (10L TWLH item)
poses:  Agape (recent Gabriel gg)
location: Red Queen


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