Harsh your mellow with yellow

Yellow. Ugh, I say, ugh. In an unforgivably strident combo with black, the colour yellow packages no-name groceries here in Canada, completely putting me off food. (And thus saving me even more money, since I leave the store empty-handed.) I would no sooner wear yellow than I would cover myself in honey and lie on a giant ant hill. And yet I wear many colours that my highbrow female friends disdain, pink, for instance, in all its shades, and orange, a veritable passion when it resists its tendency to yellow and embraces red. So I was surprised to discover that I own three items of yellow clothing in SL, two of which I bought intentionally, one with a song in my heart. Yes, these Tee*fy leggings are divine, and they are available in other colours if you don’t erm like yellow. I think of Portia’s outfit as living gelato, with lemon on the bottom and raspberry on the top. If she’s wearing an anomalous monocole, it’s because Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color challenge licenses oddities as long as they stick with the theme. I predict that we will be seeing a lot of bejewelled sceptres in the weeks to come.

Credits to creators
leggings: Tee*fy, Cirque Lemon
corset: The Plastik, Ambrice Corset Sun (probably part of a recent gift)
shirt: Grixdale, Feeling Undone Long Undies Top Rose (FTLO Ice Festival hunt gift)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Prida2LB (Lucky Board)
hair: Lamb, Honey Twix from the Chocolate Bars pack
shoes and pose: SLink, Ashia Onyx
monocle: Sanu, Silly Summer Flowers Monocle (green/yellow)
necklace: modd.g, Horoscope Necklace (gacha; Portia’s a Sag!)
location: The Guild of Gloom


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