The semester has ended with students carping about their grades, and I plan to spend the next week applying for jobs. My dream is to trade up from resentful D students to resentful C students. I’m exhausted teaching kids the things they should have learned in highschool, like the definition of plagiarism and ways to y’know avoid it. I’m so stressed that Portia has to play it cool today in black, white, and silver. Spirit Osmus very generously sent me review copies of items from her Spirit Store, and I knew in a flash that the Rika pants, which can be worn high-waisted or low, were going to get an A.

Aw heck, let’s add a gold star to that grade.

Credits to creators
Both looks
pants: Spirit Store, Rika Pants (ty Spirit Osmus!)
skin: Rockberry, Kalista POE3 natural/CLV (Peace on Earth hunt gift)
mole: Pom.Pon, Beauty Spot Lip Tattoo (gacha)
hair: iruco, iruco gift02(brown) (gg at store)
shades: iruco, Ati sunglasses01 Gift Blue (same gg at store)
shoes: Surf Couture, Snazzy Ruffle Flats Black (old gift)
poses: tram, Poses 1-6 pack (gg)
Look one
blouse: Kyoot, Flimsy Plungie Blouse Mint
fur: tram, fur tipet 2[chrismas gift] (gg in store)
Look two
jacket: Atomic, Ritzy Blazer Silver (old Platinum Hint gift)
blouse: Kyoot, Flimsy Plungie Blouse Grey Floral
gloves: Modd.G, Lori Gloves Black
socks: Modd.G, Trix Sheer Socks Blue

What do you think?

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