Uncontrolled styling kills punk dead

It felt so good to get Portia back into Surf Couture’s Elsa Boots, which are divinely slouchy and clompy. I thought the boots worked well with Modd.g’s Ulysses Trilby hat. But once I’d clothed Portia fully and set up this shot with a guitar and stool, I realized that I had inadvertently turned her into some kind of New Country singer. Whatever New Country is.

Panicked, I tried to rescue my av, and my readers, from the hayseed image by pulling out one of my instant-cool T-shirts: CBGBs, the home of New York punk, was a haven for kids who set fire to crops, not a hangout for those who harvest them. Relieved, I started shooting again, but soon remembered that the name CBGB originally stood for “Country, Bluegrass, and Blues.” Gah! And ack! I had lost control of my styling, and the consequences were too much to bear: it was as though punk had never happened. In any life.

Credits to creators
dress: Milk Motion, My Vintage Jean Dress
patterned blouse: Sugarcube, Sugar Puff Sleeve Tunic (old freebie)
sweater: Aleida, Ditte Short Sweater Gray (old subo gift)
t-shirt: the PUB, CBGBs Logo Shirt (freebie)
scarf: Miel, Lia Scarf Fior
hat: Modd.G, Ulysses Trilby Hat Grey
hair: Exile, Dori Hazelnut
skin: Mother Goose’s, Muffin A1.5 and B3 (gg)
eyes: vive9, Glam hazel eyes
boots: Surf Couture, Elsa Boots Original
jeans: Fishy Strawberry, Metal Foil Jeans (With Love From Hunt item 10L)
guitar: Linden library
stool: unknown
skybox: Tee*fy (old Seasons Hunt gift)
poses: Inert, Meek pack (store is closed)


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