The one where Portia runs away from home

“What kind of family do you have here?” the Immigration officer asked me when I flew home to Toronto over American Thanksgiving. This was a question I hadn’t been asked before, and I mistook it for an ad lib. I felt defensive because I know it looks bad that a woman my age doesn’t have a partner and children to stuff with turkey. Not terrorist bad—but the difference between terrorist bad and nonconformist bad is a difference of degree, not kind, in American culture. Was I being asked this question because Canada had declared its own war on elite liberals who don’t value “family values”? Having gone through Immigration again this week, I can now report that Canada is pressing expatriates to elaborate on the simple statement “I’m home for the holidays.” This time around I had nothing prepared, and I answered so candidly that I admitted to staying with my hopelessly square mother. (If I am ever interrogated, I will probably confess to wearing granny panties.) The next time Immigration asks me why I am entering the country of my birth and the city where I lived 75% of my life, I will be ready with a whopper. I might try “There are no laws against anal sex.” (TY Trudeau!) Or “As a socialist, I feel so much more welcome here.” Or “Canada used to be an enlightened, independent nation. Christmas makes me sooo nostalgic for the good old days.”

The fact is that I dislike Christmas almost as much as I hate my job and loathe the paranoid ideology of an increasingly imperialist United States. But as long as I’m stuck with all of them, I will try my hardest to get Portia into a pair of festive antlers, or something red and green, before it’s all over. After all, Christmas in SL is the least of life’s evils. If you’re in the mood for some shopping, you have one day left to visit Euphoria, where many stores are offering a 50L item. I snatched up Mother Goose’s glowing Jeanne skin, which comes in one tone with four minimalist makeups. RC Cluster is open inworld for one more day if you want to pick up the tramp stick that Portia carries here. And the muffler made of gold roses is half price at Glow Studio, where the sale is on for a little while longer.

Credits to creators
hobo stick: RC Cluster, part of Travely Traveler Set (yesterday’s 50L Friday; December 18th is last day for inworld store)
skin: Mother Goose, Jeanne A 3a (at Euphoria store for 50L today)
skirt: pesca, splat shimashima skirt (was on the LB and is now available to buy)
sweater: MV, Deer Sweater (ZombiePopcorn hunt gift, I think, and that hunt is over)
shoes: Magnifico, Le Plateau Heel Black Suede (Happy Holidays Hunt item 10L)
neckamagig: Glow, Roses on Her neck-Gold (half price)
hat: Slow Kitchen, Bird nest hat (opening gift)
ears: PERA, Ears (With Love From Hunt item 10L)
hair: Wildo, 2 D Brown
undershirt:, Seasons Sweater (old hunt gift)
socks: Miel, Jane Socks Mono dark Wet Moss
pose 1: my AO and the hobo stick script
pose 2: Izumiya, freebie pack

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