Who’s got the spirit?

In my world, Xmas angels are tough chicks in mirrored shades. To get the look, Portia pairs Ho Wear’s Mercy with the Ice Queen skin, a Lazy Sunday item by Gasqhe, which came with balls of white tulle to wear around the neck and head. The glasses are one of glow studio’s surprise 10L sale items.

The Christmas spirit just won’t come. I tried to take a picture of Acute Scab looking all perky and cheery in gifts from Dimbula Rose, Soup, and Ingenue, but I wasn’t feeling the fun. Some slider play made it look as though Acute is smeared in coaldust, and that’s what inspired me to continue. If this is humbug then bah bah bah all the way home.

At the revamped barbee sim, which is technically Japanese-themed, Portia poses among buildings rendered in a style that evokes Gerhard Richter’s photo-based paintings of a bleak East Germany. If you visit, be warned that finding the barbee store is much harder than hanging out on rooftops looking cool. (Any resemblance between this photo and Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire would be a throwback to the 80s. Don’t go there, even if I did.)

Antlers, check. Snowflake, check. Eyes o’ imminent doom, check. Just making my own list, Santa baby. The free Dimbula Rose outfit can be pieced together from five candycanes scattered between the DR and amato stores in the *mocchi*mochi* mall on Japan Fancy Island. There are also eight candycanes containing amato items. The catch is that many candycanes are empty, even ones with buy options, so you have to be extra patient to do this hunt. (Did I mention that I hate peppermint?) There’s a male skin from DR in candycane 4, but no skin for the ladies. (The hunt ends December 26 on the Japanese calendar. You cross the date line and do the math. I’ve got shopping to start.)

Credits to creators
Look angelic
outfit: Ho Wear, Mercy (includes halo not shown)
halo: Shag, came with Angel Baby hair from last weekend’s Project Themeory
skin: Gasqhe, Shu IceQueen (last weekend’s Lazy Sunday item)
hair: lamb, Wild Nothing Obsidian
boots: lassitude & ennui, Assassin boot grey (HHH item, 10L)
glasses: glow studio, Cute Aviator (10L during sale)
eyes: Tacky Star, Satin Button Large Vein 1
location: barbee sim
poses: xbordeaux, old freebie; Glitterati, Long Hair 2 pack

Look festive
outfit and tats: Dimbula Rose, Xmas Favorite Girl (includes tiny tophat and alternate skirt and tie not shown)
skin: Imabee, Petal Miranda Merry Xmas (was 50L item at Euphoria sale)
hathair: Soup, Christmas gift (join +cat holic+ group for 100L)
earmuffs and arm warmers: pom.pon, part of My Reindeer Accessories (HHH item, 10L)
shoes: Ingenue, Nina Candy cane (gift under the tree)
pose with snowflake: Olive Juice, On the Nosey (Albero fall gacha item)

What do you think?

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