Pleisure wishes you a Merry Christmas

I’ve been wanting to do a shoot with reindeer or caribou, so when I stumbled across this pair of festive beasts, I popped Portia into her Christmas costume and set up a shot that would not be out of place on a cheesy greeting card. I was so determined to please my readers, that I even forced Portia’s sullen mouth into a toothy grin and placed a miniature Christmas tree atop her head. Seeing this, the deer lost their composure, and their manners, and started to taunt Portia, calling her “lag hag,” “blog dog,” and “ditch bitch.” (That last one confused me, too. It’s an abbreviation of “ditchital bitch.”) Portia is not one to turn the other cheek, and before I knew it, she’d told the deer they looked like freebie-loading newbs not fit to pose for anything other than Deserved Extinction magazine. There was a lot of shouting—and even more snorting and ground-pawing, on both sides—and then a miracle occurred. The three models realized that they had many things in common: poor wages, starvation diets, humiliating holiday styling, and a fondness for that Wolfgang Tillmans photo that I’ve always found too stagey. At some point, I became the enemy, and the only shot I got before I was asked to leave was this one of the trio comparing perspectives on collective organization.

Credits to creators
Portia’s look
kimono with geta: tomoto, noel2010 (LB; there’s also a LB with a polkadot hand-warmer)
bag: tomoto, gamaguchi bag kamifusen (LB)
skin: Glam Affair, Jadis MedTan Gold B (gg; 30L join fee)
tree-hat: amato, Christmas tree (hunt gift, blogged 12.22.10)
hair: W&Y, Sim Open Gift (old gift)
gloves: Hermony, Leather Gloves Army (1L; several other colours for 1L!<3)
pose: Oomph! Poses, I'm Not your Kitten pack

Reindeers' gear: models' own

location: Existence


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