Light it up!

Christmas is not celebrated by everyone, and both the Christian and consumerist sides of the holiday turn me off. So I can’t bring myself to say “Merry Christmas!” to all my readers. But there’s one thing about Christmas that I value and want to share with everyone: the lights that dispel the darkness of winter. Why do we string lights, why do we feast at this time of year? Because we plan to survive the winter. We splurge now on rich colours, glittering metals, twinkling lights, and anything that tastes good to eat, because we are confident that we will see another spring. I love this crazy act of defiance against the darkness, the harshness, and the privations of winter. If you are a vampire, or an energy conservationist, or both, you may not share my joy in artificial light. But I hope that you will find something else to relish today, even if it’s just an hour or two of work in a blessedly quiet coffee shop or a big Chinese dinner.

Credits to creators
Xmas 2010 items
skin: Heartsick, Enchant Bliss Candycane Mid Cleavage (gift of all skin tones with many options as part of this weekend’s extended Super Bargain Saturday)
outfit: Bliss Couture, Kylie Bolero and Hot Pants [modded] (gg)
belt: Mimikri, Velvette Belt snow (part of Mimikri’s subo Xmas gift)
layer of lights: Plastik, Xmas Lights (subo gift)

Xmas 2009 items (as far as I know these items are not available)
wrapped lights: hoorenbeek, Lights (2009)
light-wrapped antlers: Relentless Couture, Antlers Holiday Red (2009)
hair: noju, hair 012 group xmas gift (2009)

pose: estetica, Pin Up Girl pack


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