Does black turn a good girl bad?

I saw Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. Natalie Portman plays a ballerina who is virginal and fragile enough to play the White Swan, Odette, but not sexy and dangerous enough to play the Black Swan, Odile. (It’s a film about female sexual repression and frustrated ambition, but it doesn’t quite admit that.) I loved the moment when Portman finally came on stage as the seductive Black Swan because she perfectly embodied Odile’s charismatic self-possession. Odile doesn’t waste time making the prince, and the audience, realize what they’ve been missing watching Odette flutter prettily about the stage.

Black Swan set me to wondering why nice girls never wear black, except to funerals or conservative dinner parties. And then I wanted to see if I could keep Portia looking like a nice girl even when she is dressed à la baddie. Teeth make any avatar look sweetly naïve. And a halo… Wait, is that halo fading because of my crappy graphics card—which is made of chips and nails and artificial puppy dogs’ tails—or because black clothing sucks the dewy, gooey goodness out of angelic blondes?

Credits to creators
Look frigid
sweater: Milk Motion, My Cardigan
skirt: SoO, Boudoir Skirt Only (was a cheapie at a Lucid sim event)
hair: Posh, Rumor Wheat (50L multiple shade pack)
skin: tres blah, Jejune Prissy Light Winged Brows
socks: izm, fur socks pink LB (group only, 100L join fee, but for sale in the shop in other colours)
shoes: Magnifico, Plateau Heel Black Suede (Happy Holidays Hunt item 10L)
tights: Milk Motion, Narcissus Collection My Tights
bag: Milk Motion, My Pink Clutch
jewellery: Exodi, Monarchy set (past advent gift)
location: The Quiet, IDIA

Look thawed-out
blouse: Mon Tissu, So Boho Blouse Black
pantaloons: Pesca, Petit Pants Black
skin: Heartsick, Enchant Reverie Teeth Beta Cleavage (may still be available in store)
blush: Dutch Touch, Makeup Blusher Rose
hair: Exile, Artemis/Angel Dust (Xmas gift in store)
shoes: Pesca, Strap Shoes Gift (subo gift)
socks: Vive9, Seagull Knit Socks White/Black (old gg, join fee)
belt: TokiD, Ribbon Belt Blue (gg in store)
necklace: Dark Mouse, Embrace of Flowers Lucite necklace (past advent gift)
set: Funky Junk, Lady’s Boudoir Skybox Set (also a cheapie at the Lucid sim event)

poses: 1 and 2: Inert, So What if I’m Meek? pack (store closed); 3: Glitterati, Long Hair 2 pack

What do you think?

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