Green with a side of envy

52 Weeks of Color challenge. Green? np. Love green. Own green. Am green. Green socks? Oy vey. Before Maitreya released those platform sandals with socks, I didn’t know that one could suffer from sock envy. I have been up the grid and down, over, under, and around, in a quest for socks with similar phallic appeal. I’ve found some wonderful socks—like the fab Jane Mono socks from Miel—but I’m convinced that no other socks could satisfy me the way those pleasurably ribbed Maitreya socks would satisfy me. You see, I can’t have more than one sock layer. It took six years for my Mac to hit the outmoded technology wall, and that wall is multiple clothing layers in Phoenix! (I wouldn’t need a new computer to layer-layer in Viewer 2, if Viewer 2 hadn’t decided to choke on my photo settings and never let me change them, not even by reinstalling, apparently because it enjoys choking. If anyone knows how to edit settings files, I’d love some help with this.)

/me exhales loudly. In other news, I am going to update my blogroll, so if you would like me to include your blog, please leave me a comment with the address.

Credits to creators
poncho: Ribbon, Nordic Poncho Green [can also be worn without fur] (30L OMG; also available in blue and red)
shorts: Chantkare, part of the Chalet Ensemble (gg, join fee)
hair: Clawtooth, The Seas Met Vampire Red (50% off sale ends December 31)
skin: Glam Affair, Eva skin Winter make make up 1 (past TDR item)
tights: Fake, Holiday Tights Green Stripe (2009 freebie)
socks: Miel, from Jane Mono Socks Dark pack
boots: Miel, Far Boots Polar Edition
gloves: Hermony, Leather Gloves Burgundy (1L)
pose: !Bang, Snowflake (freebie)
location: The Quiet (this place rocks: it rarely lags my outfit into fuzz and it looks good even on a low graphics setting)


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