Mixed nuts

One look at La Petite Morte’s new Nutcracker pose-sets revived my love for the chestnuttiest of all ballets, and I found myself wishing I had never burned my album of Tchaikovsky’s greatest hits. It always irked me that the sublime pas de deux in The Nutcracker is not danced by the little girl Clara, the main character, but by the Sugar Plum Fairy, who is a full-grown ballerina but a bit player in the story. So I decided to mash up my memories of several versions of the ballet and prepare a Nutcracker stew that gives Clara something better to do.

Pleisure’s version of The Nutcracker is set in an orphanage run by an aging Portia. She’s not certain she wants to let Clara play with the wooden man, because the girl may get ideas about cracking nuts. She herself cracked some nuts in her day, and her saucy Niniko stockings, which unzip at the top, suggest that she still likes to spend a Friday night wiggling big walnuts out of their shells. Figuring that Clara is a complete innocent, and a little slow-witted to boot, the mistress of the orphanage decides no harm can come from a dance with the nutcracker.

Clara dances ecstatically but chastely with the nutcracker. This is fine with him. He is, after all, a military man, and ridding the orphanage of its large rat population is all he can think about. Because she’s an orphan, Clara must scrounge out cheap clothes and free makeup. She picked up her fid dress at the Creators Pavilion winter sale, and she snagged her gift skin at JesyLILO.

All the other orphans are envious of Clara’s toy. The newest arrival, a peculiarly androgynous and street-smart child whom no one really knows, succeeds in snatching away the nutcracker. Fearing that this precocious kid will show the others how to get at the nuts, the mistress sends all the orphans to bed early.

As the rest of the orphans sleep, the Christmas tree swells to an enormous size and Clara embarks on an adventure. While the nutcracker battles the rat king’s army, Clara restyles her hair, tries out a more mature JesyLILO makeup, and steals a pair of lavender gloves from the dozing mistress. Instead of watching the flowers waltz, Clara crawls into bed with the new orphan, who is indeed more worldly wise than she, and who wastes no time showing Clara that there is more than one way to crack a nut.

Credits to creators
nutcracker and poses 1-3: La Petite Morte, The Nutcracker Suite Masha Pose Pack
shoes and pose 4: SLink, Ashia Ballet Pointe Onyx

Portia plays the cougar
skirt: Royal Blue, Frou Frou You You (colour exclusive to current TDR Blue)
shawl: Tee*fy, Sopha’s Big Warmer TDR (past TDR)
bodysuit: LG Femme, The Deep Vendetta Body [oh, u sexy thang!] (current TDR)
stockings: Niniko, Zipper Socks Black (Creators Pavilion item)
skin: tb, Dashing Blur Makeup (no longer avail.)
hair: booN, MKT012 platinum
hairbase: booN, gathered raised hairbase platinum
hair bow: Ho Wear, part of Lady Gaga Glimmer

Acute Scab plays the ingenue
dress: fid, F-01 Black (Creators Pavilion item)
skin: JesyLILO, BirthdayGift J1 (one of three gifts in store for creator’s bday.)
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica (old hunt gift)
crown: Sanu, Paper crown Yellow (gacha)
hair: Edelstore, Elia Majestic (old gift)

Miss Quirk plays the androgyne
shirt: Niniko, Pullover Shirt Snow (can be worn without the bow, but why wouldya?; Creators Pavilion item)
leggings: Arawra, Snowflake Dark Jeggings (part of FTLO Ice Fest exclusive—no longer avail. [I be a bad bad bwoggah])
nom: Sanu, Mini giftie candy-cane purple/black (subo gift)
hair: eha, sang black
skin: &bean, Babushka-ya-ya Hallow’s Eve (old gift)
shape: Free*Style, Little Miss Quirk (old pay what you want)
body tat: Chaisuki, snow03 (gift under tree)

Acute Scab isn’t a little girl any more
dress: fid, F-01 Black (Creators Pavilion item)
skin: JesyLILO, BirthdayGift J2 (one of three gifts in store for creator’s bday.)
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica (old hunt gift)
gloves: Hermony, Leather Gloves Lavender (1L)
hair: booN, NMR122 Purple (old gg, still available in store) UPDATE

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