A vision of slushedness

You can picture it. Hell, you can practically taste it. Your hair is engineered into a fashionable updo, your dress is velvet and bejewelled, your delicate satin shoes are brand new. Not quite a steal in the boxing day sale, these shoes say “Tonight is New Year’s Eve, and I have a date for a scrummy late dinner and a happening loft party downtown.” If you live in Toronto, you should have given up on this dream back in November. New Year’s Eve will be bitterly cold and blanketed with snow. That one patch of ice outside the subway is waiting just for you, and it will land one of your butt-cheeks in a velveteen-eating slush puddle. What? You thought it was real velvet? Kid, they stopped making real velvet before your grandma skidded on the same patch of ice umpteen years ago.

Don’t fight it. It’s winter. Leave your hair down. Layer up. Put those shoes in a plastic bag, or a cute tote if you must stand out from the crowd. You won’t be the only one to do the dance of boots-to-shoes in your host’s hallway. Try to do it in time with the music. Pretend to be drunk already so that it seems like fun rather than a travesty of your dream.

And then prepare to die a little when you enter the party proper and see a woman who is the vision you wanted to be tonight. A woman who arrived wearing her shoes, which she probably bought at full price. Assume she is your host’s girlfriend, someone who didn’t have to brave the elements to make it to the party, and you will spare yourself the soul-crushing envy that the truth would inspire: people who live downtown get to look this good because they can afford to take taxis on New Year’s Eve.

Credits to creators
Look dreamy
dress: Ivalde, Joanie Blue Velvet
shoes: SLink, Lara MaryJane Heels (old subo gift)
hair: Posh, Wednesday Midnight
muff and pose one: Ambergris, LastNight Hand Muff (not available)
skin: Curio, Petal Frex Dark Ice Queen Happy Holidays (Gala and Rita Design Announcements gg; ty Gala Phoenix for opening the group up!!)
eye makeup: Kyoot Makeup, Smokey Aubergine
stockings: Sonatta Morales, Flapper Silk Stockings (freebie, not available)
pose two: Glitterati, preview of new pose 153 (will be available after the sale ends on December 31st) (ty Katey Coppola!)
set: A:S:S, Apocalyptica Skybox

Look damn good under the circumstances
items from The Plastik’s ginormous Xmas group gifts (in notices):
dress: Delyia Crimson
skin and Elven ears: Lionheart Myth Ice Queen
boots: Aestival Boot
Other excellent items:
hair: Exile, Adelle B Umber (colour change hat and no-bangs option)
jacket: izm, Christmas Gift Jacket (join Cat Holic group, 100L)
socks: izm, tearing Christmas socks (gift in store; look real good when rezzed ;))
tights: amato, Flower Pants [modded] (was a hunt gift till Dec 26)
tote: Berries Inc., Tote Bag (ZPH item, no longer available)
entourage: Plastik, Burdies <3 Lover (gacha)
pose: Glitterati, preview of new pose 185 (will be available after the sale ends on December 31st) (ty Katey Coppola!)
location: Planete Terre (somewhat more rural than Toronto, I admit)

Happy New Year to all who celebrate it! And to everyone in Toronto, enjoy what’s forecast to be an unseasonably warm night.


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