52 x 7 = secrets in silver

Portia speaks: “Shh, don’t tell anyone about the amazing samurai/sushi shop in the barbee sim. JK. *clears throat* Shh, don’t tell anyone that my human finally got a new computer, and her photos now take themselves, while she like moons over Matt Smith. The photos are full of sh*t that’s fully rezzed and stuff. And there’s lots of glowy things to distract you from her sloppy compositions. (Her stories are still boring and stuff. No change there.) *pauses to reflect* My human must be rolling in it: I’m asking for a raise. In closing, I’d just like to wish you all the best in 2011, with lots of fully rezzed sh%t to distract you from the pain and frustration of life. xoxo glow, Portia Capelo.”

Credits to creators
hathair: oyakin, part of space-silver outfit (DUnltd19, not available)
skin: Gasqhe, Shu IceQueen (recent Super Bargain Saturday item)
lashes: &bean, Awesome Lashes (free with Hounds of Love skins)
eyes: Frick, Silver Clockwork Eyes Grey (gacha)
shirt prims: R.icielli, parts of Ballone Top Silver (current TDR)
t-shirt: Fishy Strawberry, Harder Tee White/Black
bodysuit: Line, Amyp White
leggings: Aimesi, Leggins2 Silver (part of old gg)
skirt: tee*fy, Romper Dress White Skirt (current TDR Blue)
glove: Mimikri, part of Holly Jacket white (current TDR Blue)
nom: Awesome Blossom, Your <3 in My Teeth Mouth Necklace (Xmas weekend freebie)
earrings: Dark Mouse, Vintage Nouveau earrings
bracelet: Mandala, Takara Bangle Metal White
boots: Anexx, FiveBeltsBoots White
pose: Olive Juice, Srsly STFU
location: barbee sim


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