New decade, new power. I feel most unworthy of my new MacBook Pro, especially since my 6.5 years-old MacBook is not technically dead. It just greedily selects everything on the desktop, a form of senile dementia that I snapped it out of once before. (It’s also sticky with years of food residue and, let’s face it, tears. Tears shed over digital men. Which led to more food residue.) I guess I got a case of the seven year itch, only I ended up leaving my wife for Marilyn Monroe. (Aw crap, does this mean I have to listen to Rachmaninoff?) Anyone out there who envies me my new computer should take solace in the fact that the “data migration” did not work. Apparently, most of my files are flightless birds.

I’m offering you only a partial peek at barbee’s new sim opening gift, since you can see the beautiful female and male outfits on Noir Gothly’s site. I found the sim confusing when I was using my old ‘puter, with everything half-rezzed and movement in confined spaces an impossibility. (I have spent half of my SL time with my avatar stuck behind magazine vendors or losing sight of a sexual partner who is capable of walking in a straight, uninterrupted line to the dungeon bedroom volcano core. I always considered it an excellent sign if he noticed I’d fallen behind before he came.) Now that I have compupower, I can see that the barbee layout makes perfect sense. Just be sure that when you find the gift poster in the elevator (?!), you click on the female (or male) pic and on the umbrella so that you get that gift as well. There are two new Japanesque skins on the Dimbula Rose LBs. I decided that time is money, and the dishes had got to get done, so I just up and bought Japanesque skin02 (upstairs) for 160L.

Credits to creators
kimono: barbee, Rebirth Gift (free)
skin: Dimbula Rose, Japanesque Skin02 LB (LB)
hat: Duboo, part of Artist Girl Tartan set
hair: tomoto, Okappa noir (former dollarbie)
earrings: Zeery’s, Cloth covered cubes (fat pack was Xmas gift under Rue d’Antibes tree)
poses: Glitterati, from Model poses 151-160 pack
location: Kyoot


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