Pale by comparison

I think I love Doppelganger’s free Tuxedo Dress because it’s a welcome contrast to the intense colours of the season. Or because it reminds me of the designer marshmallows lightly burdening the holiday foods tables in the chichi grocery stores of Toronto. Next week I go back to taking the dog sled to an overturned produce stand in no man’s land, so I am not complaining about designer marhsmallows. I choose to continue devoting my RL money to gingerbread flowers, however, which I eat one petal at a time. It’s much more civilized than slowly killing a gingerbread man by eating him limb by limb.

It’s ironic that my leap into the future of computing prompted me to buy Croire’s crafting set, scoop up BP*’s free baskets of yarn, and then pose my models with stuffed toys. I must be secretly intimidated by the flashy and sophisticated adult world of electronic media. While I’m probing my psyche, I should confess that I have an inexplicable aversion to Uggs or Uggslike boots, and I need to get over that if I am going to fit in to society. I compromised here with SasHe’s Wayland boots, which I picked up free before Xmas. Also of note in these photos: the lovely pale stockings from Jolie, which I bought in a very inexpensive four-pack from the Marketplace. These ones, with their Art Nouveau pattern, are my fave of the bunch.

My info on So Secret 2011 does not give an end-date, so you may still be able to pick up this 50L skin at Cashmere. It comes with a teeth tattoo, but not with the blush, which was part of a 2010 makeup tat gift from Dutch Touch. Are you digging Lo’s overbite or should I shoot her from a more flattering angle?

Credits to creators
Look one
dress: Doppelganger Inc, Tux Dress (grand opening gift)
skin: Mango Mango, Sun Vamp Pale (subo gift)
lashes: Cheap Makeup, Muse Lashes (part of Xmas gift)
hair: Posh, Indigo Caramel (brunettes pack)
tights: Jolie, Flamb Tights from Bliss Four Tights Pack
shoes: beemann, Curse You! flats
necklace: Happy Finds, Silver Rose Long Pearl Necklace (store has disappeared)
pal: BP*, bear[…]2010winter Yellow E (modded) (Drowsy sim winter wonderland gift; blogged yesterday)

Look two
dress: tram, piping shirts beige
hair: trico, new year gift (gg)
skin: Cashmere, Godiva Skin Latte Natural
blush: Dutch Touch, Makeup Blusher Rose (old gg)
tights: Jolie, Arque Tights from Bliss Four Tights Pack
boots: SasHe, Wayland Boots (were free before Xmas)
scarf: Kurotsubaki, Muff (Drowsy sim winter wonderland gift; blogged yesterday)
earrings: U&R Dogs, Dainty Bess Pierced Earrings Gold (Rue d’Antibes present under Xmas tree)
friend: Feather, Toy Rabbit pink gift (gift)

table: Croire, Crafternoon Corner
apple, baskets of yarn: BP* (Drowsy sim winter wonderland gift; blogged yesterday)
skybox: DPYumyum, 5.2010 Fitting Room gift (old gift)
poses: .tea, from the In a Mood pack

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