I wanna be evil, I wanna be mad…

…but more than that, I wanna be bad. Now that the SLuicide Girls have created a safe space for sex/fashion and fashion/boobs, I feel emboldened to bring that stuff back to the feeds, where it doesn’t belong. Originally, Pleisure was supposed to be naughty, but then my digital heart was bruised like a banana bagged with juice boxes, and I diverted my SLibido into a groove so close to my real-life self that Pleisure ended up being tame (if snide). Instead of slipping them into the safety of my purse, I need to bag my bananas with booze and guns. And do it topless. (On occasion.) So, yes, this model does have a gun-leg, but in North America that’s not as scandalous as having gun-boobs. I imagine that in Europe one would simply take a drag of one’s cigarette and ask, rhetorically, “Why confound sex and violence when one can have both?”

It wasn’t until I tried for a topless shot that I realized this skin from The Plastik is a male skin. I thought Aikea Reiko just knew that lady avatars like to show off their abs. On my shopping list: better handcuffs—but how does one define “better” when it comes to handcuffs? /me TPs to COCO with hopes too high.

Nomine is launching a line of chainmail adornments, and their recent subo gift contains a few samples on all clothing layers and a tat version. The black-pearl halter blends nicely with the jewels on rQ’s (Red Queen’s) December gift skin, which should still be available. The rQ Gluttony shape was the first I ever bought in SL. This shape has made a couple of appearances on Pleisure, but I’ve never given her a name. Gluttony was my disastrous newbie solution to the problem of blatant beauty-pageantry in sex sims. I knew my avatar needed boobs and hips, but I hadn’t realized that a sub must look like Haremgirl Barbie, not like a sadistic amazon. Hmm. Sadimazon? Amazist? What *is* in a name?

Credits to creators
Talk about beauty and the beast. She’s both.
skin: Plastik, Vaelian Pale Serial Killer (The Serial Killer Hunt gift: male skin, but there are female skins also in the gift)
bolero: Eshi Otawara, Black Fur Bolero (comes with matching hat) (50L special at Designers’ Showcase, where everything is 100L and under: http://slurl.com/secondlife/GLAM%20Island/138/93/23)
jacket with wristbands: Plastik, Astrid Magenta (LB)
halter: Nomine, Chainmail Desir Halter (subo gift)
leggings: Glam Affair, Spiker
panties: Rockberry, Antique Panties Blue (POE Hunt gift)
boots: SG, Oh Boots Black
hairpiece: A&A, She’s Voodoo Hairpiece
hair: Clawtooth, Louise Brooks Softest Black
bracelet: Plastik, Friendship Twist Liquid Hot Magma (from the group Xmas gift)
poses with stump and gun: Olive Juice, Cherry Fully Loaded pack

Is it getting hot in here?
halter: Nomine, Chainmail Black Pearl Body Chain (subo gift)
skin: rQ, Envy@Typeo3 Eo5/wJewels (GG Dec 2010; fee to join)
shape: rQ, Gluttony [modded]
hair: rQ, Hush Onyx
leggings: Glam Affair, Spiker
panties: Rockberry, Antique Panties Green (POE Hunt gift)
cuffs: Dilly Dolls, part of Emilie outfit
pose: agapee, Poker Face free pack (Gabriel gg)

location: Ugly Duck


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