The misses misshapen

The men of Drowsy wouldn’t dance with Penny Lane because she wears a size 10.

So she laced a handful of roasted chestnuts with LSD and shared them with the best-looking guys at the winter jamboree. Penny Lane Beneath Blue Sky is one of Amerlope’s hot new shapes. She comes with customized eyelashes, and a style card, and there’s a skirt shape for those of you who fear the low-slung-big-butt syndrome associated with system skirts. Best of all, she’s only 295L!

He claimed he was too busy to respond to Darcy’s messages, but really he was just intimidated by her height.

So she invited her friend the Big Bad Wolf to town. (But not to eat that bastard. No. No. Though that would be sweet.) Refusing the free chestnuts—because they smelled funny, said the wolf—Darcy and the Big Bad had the dance-floor to themselves at the winter jamboree. Darcy is a DeLyn shape with a cute face designed to showcase &bean’s latest line of skins. She has a short waist and a big *hey there!* butt, so be prepared to do some joyous giggling when you mod her skirts.

Credits to creators
Penny wears
dress: Peqe, Alligator Earth Dress
shape: amperlope, Penny Lane Beneath Blue Sky (ty Ampersand Artful!)
skin: Vive9, Abbey Gloss Lipstick 04 Base 01 sundew
beauty spot: pom.pon, Beauty Spot tattoo (gacha)
hathair: Love Soul, Hair+Hat Cupid Heart Hunt Gift (old hunt gift)
tights: LMK, Medium Opaque Tights in Navy Blues pack (40L during sale for four shades)
bangles: The Sea Hole, Drinky Essentials Bangles Brown Leather (recent subo gift)
chestnuts o’ doom: BP*, Marrons Chauds4/yakiguri4 Drowsy2010winter (free at the chestnut stand in Drowsy’s Winter Wonderland, already blogged)
poses: my AO and the chestnuts
location: Drowsy

Darcy wears
shape: DeLyn, DeLyn Shape Darcy (recent TDR Item, should be available at Glow Studio shop)
skin: &bean, Old Bones G gold little brows
moles!: Dutch Touch, Beautymarks Moles and Xtra Freckles, part of Jolie v2
dress: Modd.G, Chova Dress Green
hair: Amacci, Sonya Butterscotch (Xmas gg; colour change hat)
shoes: Kookie, Miss VO Multi Pumps (old exclusive 50L Friday item; other colours available)
tights: Ohmai, part of Emerge outfit
bangles: The Sea Hole, Drinky Essentials Bangles Brown Leather (recent subo gift)
poses: Esme for PDA, Bend Over Beethoven (not available); my AO
location: Drowsy

I confess to playing with the levels in these pix, so things may look a bit different inworld.

What do you think?

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