Hello darling, are you working?

Dress skimpily and carry a large stick suitcase. On boxing day 2009 I looked around the shops and said to myself “I’m a glorified coalminer. I don’t deserve nice things.” (This was an insult to coalminers everywhere, btw.) I’m grateful that I didn’t feel as depressed about my job as a professor this year, and I am heading back to RL work with some lovely RL things in my bulging suitcase. I actually prefer a relatively casual work environment, partly because one has more room to play when one is not limited to suits. But living in a small town wears away my fashion sense. And the absence of well-dressed women and potential mates discourages me to the point where I spent one semester wearing only jeans and logo t-shirts when I wasn’t at work. (Most of them were Canadian, too, because I was feeling particularly anti-American. I <3 my 1970s CBC logo tee.) This anti-statement did not stop a taxi driver from asking me if I was married and then checking my right hand for a ring when I didn't answer quickly enough. Hey, I was busy sending him one of my "Are you fucking kidding me?!" looks. Since there is only one taxi company in town and taxis have to be booked hours in advance, I had no choice but to pretend that I wasn't in a car with a creep.

Delusional Grantham challenged us to name our fashion blogger inspirations. I may come back to this in a later post. For now, I just want to say that this post is an homage to Teshan Wycliffe, who is the doyenne of colourful photos and lightly cartoonish cuteness. The stewardess outfit, which comes in two other colour combos, is a sale item at Djinn & Tonic’s Holiday Hill location, which will close on January 15. The blindfold is a gacha item available at Picnic’s airport location in Slow.

Credits to creators
outfit: Djinn & Tonic, Come Fly with Me Suit Amberley (only includes a jacket and skirt layer)
kinky ting: Picnic, Ribbon Blindfold graffe (gacha)
shape: DeLyn, Darcy
skin: Glam Affair, Jadis Light Gold A (gg, no longer available)
teeth: La Malvada Mujer, Lara Stone’s Teeth
eyes: Amacci/Insight, BrownGreen Big Eyes (gg)
hair: lamb, Teased Up Blood Fruit
shoes: LeLutka, Pow Pumps Tan
tights: Latte, Color Tights Light Pink (free pack)
suitcase: Octy’s, JoAnn Suitcase (store is closed)
poses: Croire, Crazy Bag Lady pack
location: Picnic at Slow
Windlight: AnaLu Studio 5

Don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you see something on my blog and can’t find a landmark. (I usually trawl for them on a feed.) I’m always happy to share the pleisure of seeing something hot and tracking it to its lair.


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