Not the laziest gal in town

Miss Quirk leapt out of bed at 7AM, determined to shower, dress, and get down to work without delay. With a cup of chai and a chunk of ciabatta at the ready, she began to tweak the three lectures she would give today, the first day of the new semester. No she could not check the feeds for newness. No she could not go to just one shop or take just a couple of photos of her outfit. No she could not laze around on the oh-so chic Manflu Lounger by Cheeky Pea. If she was a weak person, she might need all those manflu tissues to dry her post-vacation tears. But Miss Quirk is made of steel reinforced with adamantium and peppered with diamonds. So she wasted time doing everything she shouldn’t do, but only after she quickly threw her shit together for classes.

Miss Quirk got the shock of her life when the department secretary informed her that classes didn’t start till next week. “I came back from Canada for nothing!” she moaned (before realizing that this is faculty week and technically she is supposed to be present). Now that Miss Quirk gets to do all the shopping, shooting and lounging she wants today, she thinks those things are a waste of time. Catching manflu is what she most wants to do, because illness is her best bet for sleeping through the boring week (sans maple syrup) ahead.

(Any resemblance to persons living is not coincidental. It seems that I can’t read calendars.)

Credits to creators
haori: tomoto, haori balle yellow
sweatshirt: The Sea Hole, Sequin Sweatshirt Foil
jeans: Milk Motion, My Boyfriend Jeans (last 50L Fri, so it may still be available)
skin: Mons, Melodie Skin TDRBlue Exclusive V1 (no longer available at TDR)
shape: F*S, Little Miss Quirk (pay what you want)
tat: Para Designs, Beautiful Bouquet Light
liner: Glow Studio, Pin up Eyeliner tattoo
glasses: December, Glasses no 51 (old hunt gift)
hair: Lamb, Lovage Snickers
hair accessory: Wildo, Wild gift (old gift)
earrings: Eclectica, part of Jazz Chinoiserie set
scarf: Indyra Originals, Brigadier Scarf Gray (Xmas gift; for sale in store)
necklace: Ticky Tacky, Hestia Necklace Cranberry
boots: G Field, Short Lace-Up Boots Gray
fluffy sock: izm, part of fur socks pink (LB)
socks: Miel, Jane Socks Mono dark cyprus
poses: Izumiya, freebie; Cheeky Pea, Manflu Lounger (was on sale this weekend)
set: creator Hybie Minx, Just a lil skybox giftie thing (no idea where this came from!)


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