Today we do diamonds

The Pleisure models squirmed when I told them I wanted to shoot diamonds. These gals would rather dress like a vampire bunny—I mean VampBunneh Warriwhore—than wear a tiara. I persuaded Portia to posh up in a sexy outfit from aD!va Couture, and I shot her against the backdrop of a Persian rug. The piks kould not have been klassier or more deletable. So today I offer you a behind-the-scenes portrait of Portia wearing items from Wei Mei Liu’s Three Fates set. As a kid who read too many Wonder Woman comics, I had a mad passion for mythological trios: the graeae, horae, erinnyes, and graces. I was particularly fascinated by the fates, and their individual names stuck with me. Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos were said to spin, measure, and cut the thread of a person’s life. Lucky for us, (wml)’s diamond necklaces and earrings are in no way terrifying, unless you’re a shark-tooth-on-a-string kinda girl.

This morning, I played around with some new treasures, heading for the low road (having stumbled on the high). Pair a Ramones sweater with Saabamarine’s 20L shape, and you’ve got a more pleisurable way to show off (wml)’s rocks. Click pic twice to see the sparkle.

Credits to creators
Look mature
outfit: aD!va Couture, Camille High Waist Satin Pants Outfit Black (store is closing at the end of the month, so everything is 50% off)
necklaces: (wml), Thethreefates:Lachesis and Thethreefates:Atropos [spine and chest versions included] (UPDATE: CP sale is over)
skin: Vive9, Abbey Glow Lipstick 03 Base 01 Sundew
lashes: Cheap Makeup, Muse Lashes
hair: Clawtooth, Call the Lions Strawberry Cream
pose: Y’s House chair at My UglyDorothy

Look impish
jewels: (wml), Thethreefates:Chotho necklace and Lachesis earrings (UPDATE: CP sale is over)
sweater: Somapop, White Ramones sweater (very lil somapop hunt item no 15)
pants: Tee*fy, Ophelia Pants Black
boots: Dilly Dolls, Sonata Dark Boots Black (these can be bought as part of the darks pack at EaHH and singly or in the pack at Dilly Dolls’ store)
skin: Sunny Soon Su Skin, BOA GAME MAKEUP (freebie)
shape: Saabmarine, Starfishyyy Shape (20L)
hair: eha, jean Black
gloves: Modd.G, Lori Gloves Black (gift)
pose: .tea, a loner

location: Inaka (thanks to Voshie Paine for the LM)


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