Mixed drinks

There are two strategies for alternative dressing. One is to wear all black every day with such commitment that a casual friend attempts to do the same and confesses that she had to stop because she was too depressed by it to continue. (I always say that starting out depressed is a good way to avoid becoming disheartened by black. And black lingerie feels much less depressing than black corduroy flares. Just FYI.) The other strategy is to mix anything and everything in a mélange of fabrics, colours, and patterns animal, vegetal, or abstract.

I never had a clue how members of the mix-it-up tribe put their outfits together, and I long assumed that they have an artistic sensibility that I lack. Then one day I realized that I could systematically compose an eclectic look by assembling items that don’t belong together: e.g., a floral blouse with a leopard skirt. The only problem I had with this was the fact that the items don’t belong together. It takes a certain kind of personality to not feel like a walking advertisement for category errors, and that personality is not mine.

Looking at these outfits now, I can see that the ensembles are still relatively controlled and sober, so I need to work harder at this free-for-all thing. I may even have to learn how to intuit the personalities of fabrics, listen to the desires of colours, and divine the vibrations of patterns. Ulp. I’d be so much better at going back to soul-destroying black.

Credits to creators
Look one
boots: Dilly Dolls, Sonata Dark Boots Violet ([UPDATED] these can be bought in a 500L pack of darks at Extend a Helping Hand, and are also available in the pack, or singly, at the DD store)
purple blouse: BP*, Frill Blouse Grape Juice (for sale at Drowsy’s Winter Festival, near the big spill o’ gifts)
black blouse: Diapop, As I Am Blouse (gift in the Very Lil Somapop Hunt, which is so easy that I blush to think of it)
skirt: oyakin, longskirt black slim (gacha; comes with unsashed and unprinted versions, as well as fuller versions of all three)
skin: Tuli, Jade Tone 3/br ICON b (old ICON sim hunt gift)
eyeliner: Cheap Makeup, Sparkly Black Liner
hair: lamb, Cinammon Butterfinger (I coveted long time and finally splurged)
scarf: Callie Cline, Tied Up Neck Scarfleopard part of Covergirl Outift
necklace: Croire, Olive Floral Necklace (gold) (ty Ms. Kaestner!)
bag: Mayonaise, Too Large a Woven Bag Emerald (gacha)
glasses: Glow, Beachwood Glasses Gold (I want to have these elected President)
poses: Glitterati, from the Long Hair pack and the Long Hair 2 pack

Look two
jacket: BP*, Animal Jacket
skirt: W&B, High Waisted Pencil Skirt Black (old 50L Fri exclusive)
bag: M2M, Crazy Quilt Patches/Big Purse (old Shopaholic Hunt gift)
skin: Cupcakes, London Copper Cleav Punky (EaHH item)
hair: lamb, Honey Twix
stockings: Ruru@Tear, part of WA-IN outfit (EaHH item)
shoes: LeLutka, Pow Pumps Tan
pose: erm… /me takes memory drug and waits for it to take effect


2 thoughts on “Mixed drinks

  1. Thanks for the post! I do want to make a correction though…my Sonata boots are only L$500 for the pack (or L$75ea pair at the main store). And there are other versions available at my main store as well!

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