S’hot and s’not

Delusional Grantham asked about our fashion inspirations. I really admire Holli Thespian’s look and photographs because I can’t even get close to duplicating them! Fluffy eyelashes, long nails, big wet lips, and brazen closeups intimidate me. But I picked up HolliPocket’s cowlneck sweater in pink-Cruella, pulled out a sexy DeLyn shape, and fired up Glitterati’s pose Rack to take a shot at looking hot.

The under-eye makeup and lipstick from La Malvada Mujer would probably look more perfect on a caucasian skin, but I like them with Glam Affair’s recent TDR skin, Jadis in Dark.

Until January 17th, you can pick up Adam n Eve’s gift of a naughty latex bra and undies. And, if you’re a dork like me, you can pair them with Maitreya Gold’s Moxie shoes, which I finally purchased with a special “stuck-in-the-sticks” dispensation. Dispensation, like from the Pope—that’s what I call money over and above my weekly allowance.

So this would be the s’not part of the post. Get it? You have no idea how long I waited for this LB skin from My UglyDorothy, just so I could do a “hot and snot” post. A big hug to the fellow blogger who encouraged me in this madness. I won’t reveal your name, lest people think that you are also hopelessly juvenile. Until January 17, the Euphoria location of 99Elephants is selling its Krima hair in a 100L pack of four colours, with a basic stubble hairbase included. I really admire 99Hair, but haven’t had enough dispensations to afford it before now. So yay! And my apologies for the snot!

So hot
sweater: HolliPocket, Cover Up Cowl-Pink Cruella
leathers: LeLutka, Rockin Pants Black
boots: SG*, Oh! boots black
shape: DeLyn, Carmen (old TDR item, should be available at Glow Studio)
skin: Glam Affair, Jadis Dark TDR (recent TDR)
makeup tat: La Malvada Mujer, Le Vernis #1 (also has a lips only version)
lashes: amperlope, Queen Butterfly Lashes (these are my fave, Ampersand)
fur: Eshi Otawara, part of Fur Bolero (50L at Designers Showcase)
hair: Magika, Aurora Brown Mahogany
earrings: Glow Studio, Bitterness Earrings (current TDR Blue)
gloves: Indyra Originals, Kidskin gloves black (old gift)

skivvies: Adam n Eve, Latex Blaze Gift
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica (old hunt gift)
skin: My UglyDorothy, Luckyboard02 (LB)
lashes: Imabee, Miranda Eyelashes
mohican: UPDATE 99Hair Homme, Krima b1 (part of a 100L pack at Euphoria location)
base: booN, Vine Shaved Hair Base Black (old fair gift)
shoes: Maitreya Gold, Moxie Coal
gloves: Vita’s Boudoir, Black Latex Gloves (old hunt gift)

studio: Gauged, Photo Studio One (I done found me some glow)
poses/prop: Glitterati, The Rack (ty Katey Coppola!)


4 thoughts on “S’hot and s’not

  1. traaallalalala. I’m glad you like them :>
    I’ll have to do an updated pair, because those were the first lashes I made EVER, and I wasn’t quite sure wtf I was doing xD
    I’ll also have to put those ones out again as a freebie for now, since you keep blogging them :>

      1. nahhh, I wear them all the time too. I don’t know why I haven’t considered it before, I guess cuz they actually are pretty good for being a first shot at lashes.
        and work is good! it’s better than sorting out my inventory. AGAIN.

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