At least we know it’s not navy

Indigo is an analog-world favourite of mine. Once again, the digital world has defied me by calling apples oranges, as it were, and suggesting that a hella vivid blue is indigo, when we all know that indigo is delicious because it is deep but dim. The Wikipedia entry for indigo is particularly fascinating, and it tells us that it’s not just our imaginations that may be failing us on this colour challenge, but our eyesight: “The human eye is relatively insensitive to hue changes in the wavelengths between blue and violet, where [Isaac] Newton defined indigo to be; most individuals do not distinguish indigo from blue and violet.”

If I’m offering up two outfits for this week’s 52 Weeks of Color challenge, it’s because I want to cover all possible indigos. I say it looks like RezIpsa Loc’s funky jeans. W&B, one of the official coloristas for Luna Jubilee’s challenge, offers us a hue closer to violet in its adorable skirt. And Muhi gives us a jacket in the colour Black Acqua, which could be a deliberately perverse way of saying indigo. Speaking of perverse, there’s indigo boobs, or blewbs as they’re known in the business, on my Flickr page.

Credits to creators
Look prêt
blouse: W&B, Claven Lace Blouse Antique (ooh, strategically sheer)
skirt: W&B, Victoria High-Waisted Pencil Skirt Indigo
brooches: W&B, from the Vintage Patterned Ceramic Brooch pack
skin: Mons, Enna Skin / LikitMU / redLips / RedBrows (current TDR Blue)
tat: kobilica, feathers
hair: lamb, Mon Cheri Butterfinger
shoes: Maitreya Gold, Moxie Coal (who’s the late adapter?)
pose: 1 S2 Posey, part of Xmas gift pack

Look haute
jacket: Muhi, Asymmetrical Bodysuit Midnight Acqua (100L till the 17th at the Euphoria location)
jeans: RezIpsa Loc, Measuretape Flower Jeans (not available any more, but similar ones for sale)
skin: Mons, Enna Skin / LikitMU / redLips / RedBrows (current TDR Blue)
eye makeup: Kyoot Makeup, Smokey Navy
tat: kobilica, feathers
hair: Miel, Mojito blonde 1  5
boots: Duh!, Slate Blue Leather Booties (old gg)
socks: Sn@tch, Papi Garter Stockings Navy (in a pack of darks)
poses: Glitterati, from the Winter Hunt poses pack (Seasons Hunt Winter gift; ty Katey Coppola!)

yarn and yarn and yarn…: BP*, free at the Drowsy Winter Festival [I modded one to hold] <3

What do you think?

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