Yeehaw if you love yokes

With everyone off being seasonable and chic, I decided it was a good time to browse the shops at Euphoria, many of which are offering a single 100L item in an end-of-season sale running until the 17th. I hit paydirt at Gato, where I picked up a dress I have long desired but always passed up because of my prejudice against western wear. The Vogue dress is patterned with fashion illustrations, which are win. But those patches of red at the shoulders—well, heck, I didn’t even know what to call ’em. It turns out that they’re a yoke, an extra layer of cloth to strengthen a working-man’s shirt. They are not exclusively western and, just as reassuringly, they predate the 70s, but they are certainly not urban. Even city-girl me ended up in a plaid western shirt around 1980. The little buttons on the little pockets were perfectly positioned to draw attention to my little budding breasts, which just wouldn’t erm bloom fully. There weren’t any hayrides, but if there had been, no one would have invited me. And that’s why I hate western wear.

This past 50L Friday was awesome, and I will gladly forge documents or do my Mae West imitation for any of the designers who participated. Portia wears DECO’s beads and boots. (I think I bought the men’s pair by mistake. They’re ginormous.) And Lo sports lamb’s Soma in Milk, which is one of my favourite shades. [UPDATED] LoveSoul is taking 50% off selected items through the 17th of January, SLT time. You better vamoose if you want Portia’s cute black bob.

Take a moment to visit Bliensen + Maitai’s new Oh My Stars outpost to snap up their 10L cherry blossom necklace. Before going in, be sure to holster your horse and tie your gun up outside. Or something like that. (Have you seen True Grit yet? I love westerns [yep, I’m a passel of contradictions], and this is a good ‘un, ‘ceptin for the end.)

Credits to creators
Look one
dress: Gato, Vogue Dress (on sale at Euphoria location till the 17th)
hair: Love Soul, Hair033ABlack (50% off till the 17th)
skin: Heartsick, Spirit Reverie teaser
lashes: Gato, 70s Lashes
eyes: sur+, aurora borealis eyes (Season’s Hunt Winter gift)
earrings: Glow Studio, Bitterness Earrings (current TDR)
beads: Deco, Pearls in a Rush (50L F)
boots: Deco, Trail Boots FLF (50L F)
stockings: RunoRuno, Knit stocking grey
poses: hmaem, Escape Myself pack (Exclusive for Props&Poses Fair)
location: Imabee

Look two
shirt: Pig, Winter in Marfa (Season’s Hunt Winter gift)
skin: Heartsick, Spirit Reverie Beta Teeth
eyes: Cupcakes, Eyes 2011 Dark Hazel (part of the pack at EaHH event)
lashes: sur+, aurora borealis lashes (Season’s Hunt Winter gift)
hair: lamb, soma milk (50L F)
beads: Bliensen + Maitai, Sakura Cherry Blossom (10L)
undies: Eshi Otawara, part of Snowflake Sparkle Underwear White set (UPDATED picks gift, comes with a black set)
leggings: Tee*fy, Red Packet (old hunt gift)
poses: hmaem, Escape Myself pack (Exclusive for Props&Poses Fair)
set: Cheeky Pea, Edinburgh Loft

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