Holy sh*t!

Today is the last day of the end-of-season sale at Euphoria. Here, Portia models two of the 100L items available. The first is a dress and black-floral hair accessory by fore. I enjoy fore creator Ruca Moyet’s delicate photographs, which you can see on Flickr, as much as her designs. The second sale item is Magnifico’s Woo-Den Heels. I wanted these shoes for ages, and I still admire them, but I could not get the HUD to yield a plausible skintone, so I had to turn the foot black to mimic a sock. That’s not a satisfying solution since it obscures the beautiful strap-work of the sandal design. (You know what they say, “A good HUD is man to find.”)

Lest you think that Portia is moonlighting as a chimney sweep, I offer you this closeup showing off the astonishing body tattoo from Fallen Gods. This tat is meant to mimic the engravings of Gustave Doré, who was not the cheeriest of souls. Lucky for us. I have nothing to say about the effect, nothing, that is, other than “Holy sh*t!”

Credits to creators
outfit: fore, lace OP-02(eu) (on sale for 100L at Euphoria through January 17th)
shoes: Magnifico, Woo-Den Heel (on sale for 100L at Euphoria through January 17th)
body tattoo: Fallen Gods, Engraved Female [also a male version] (What’s the News Hunt gift 051) Thanks to Sileny Noel for blogging this tat!
hair: Love Soul, Hair033BBlack (last day of sale)
bow: fore, big ribbon gacha 02 (at the mainstore)
eyes: Tacky Star, Dollhouse Big Brown
lashes: &bean, Awesome Lashes (came with Hounds of Love skin)
nom: Leo-NT, Wooden Rosary mouthchain (gg, 60L fee)
drama: esuga, Booboo Knees & Bandaids
arm-tat: actchio, I Hide Myself within My Flower (subo gift)
socks: Sn@tch, Garter Socks Black (part of a pack)
bracelets: BS, Sacred Wood Bracelets (old gift)
poses: Croire, Crazy Bag Lady


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