Now you are one

I was already worrying about taupe, so I decided to look through the pages of Pleisure to see if the girls had ever worn taupe. That’s how I discovered that yesterday was Pleisure’s one-year anniversary. It’s fitting, perhaps, that I spent the weekend in a shopping frenzy, unknowingly celebrating by blowing 3,000L in three days. And it’s fitting that I finally succeeded last night in giving Portia a nose job. As a lover of modern art, I’m a devotee of flatness, but sometimes Portia’s nose—which was originally inspired by a cracked fantasy about her Mongolian ancestors—screws up the look of a skin. So today you’re getting a glimpse of a 3-D Portia, her face altered to make Mother Goose’s seductive Jamil skin look perfect-er. It seems to me that Portia now looks like everyone else, or is that just the effect of the deservedly ubiquitous lamb hair?

At the end of last year, many bloggers were posting their impressive site stats, which were tabulated by I looked at mine, knowing they wouldn’t be as robust, and I swear the WordPress analysis read something like “That’s very nice, dear. We hope you haven’t given up on chess.” I can’t play chess, goddammit! (I even lose at Reversi.) So I’m going to keep blogging. Thank you everyone for contributing to the 4,770 views. I’m especially grateful to all of you who were actually looking for kitchen lighting solutions but decided to visit here instead. Thank you creators for sending me your wares. And a very special thank you to those who actually wanted to see your clothing on Pleisure. You’re like weird or something.

Credits to creators
Look safe
skivvies: Luxuria, Cajsa sapphire (5th & Oxford discount location at
skin: Morher Goose’s, Jamil special 2 (150L at the Euphoria location)
hair: lamb, Cinnamon Kit Kat
tat: Iruru, Geisha tattoo (gift)
location: Emily’s Place
pose: Glitterati, from the Long Hair pack

Look exposed
skin: Iren, Willow skin for TDR (current TDR Blue)
tatt: KKPP, Sport Plaster (Very Lil SomaPop hunt item)
hair: fashionably dead, Wildcat-Dust (last 50L Fri)
coat: LeLutka, Matusalen Jacket (Halloween Homme gift 2010)
pants and belt: R.icielli, Germanotta Highwaistpants graffiti and Vanessa Belt special edition (parts of old TDR outfit)
blouse: W&B, I’ll Be a Ghost Shirt (old 50L Friday item)
boots: LeLutka, Creepy Boots (Halloween Homme gift 2010)
gloves: hmaem, Gloves Gift (subo gift)
eyes: UH, gemstone eye go4 (freebie in store)
pose: Croire, from the Pretty Chilly pack
location: Elephant and Hierophant


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