This is resort

Global warming seems to be more severe in SL than it is in RL. Everywhere I look I see snow receding to reveal green grass. I assume that no one has programmed his sim to do what real winter does: appear to give way graciously and then return with a vengeance, a vengeance made of wet snow that breaks your shovel, and your heart, but makes for excellent snowpersons. Instead of rushing spring, why don’t we embrace what the fashion world calls “resort” and imagine our avatars flying down to Rio?

The trick is to show a little restraint: no fully tanned skin from the very moment your av hits the beach. You can work up to bronze with Belleza’s new Erika group gift in all skin tones. Portia—who has seen windchill factors that would make cola-drinking penguins mope—plays it safe when she first arrives down south by adding Croire leggings and an Emery scarf to her shorts ensemble.

Why go out for an evening on the town when you can just laze around the hotel looking hot?

Look cautious
skin: Belleza, Erika Sk group gift (250L join fee)
hair: Dura, 11 Sienna
leggings: Croire, Sheer Pattern Leggings 8 (available at Chic Boutique)
glasses: Alphavillian, Ripley Sunglasses Large (Seasons Hunt gift)
shorts: Emery, Short Horses Chocolate (gg: on the scarf table at Heart%20Of%20Glass/204/119/24)
tank: Exodi, Lilian Tank Pink Solid (advent gift)
shoes and socks: TokiD, sock flats chocolate
scarf: Emery, Scarf Butter Choco (part of old TDR Blue item)

Look relaxed
skin: Belleza, Erika Med (gg; 250L join fee)
dress: Chantkare, Sunny Fields Resort 2011
hair: Dura, Valentine’s Day (gg in store)
jewels: Eclectica, parts of Herbals Violet set [<3]

poses: seated poses are part of the fab Artilleri furniture, standing pose is my AO
location: White Widow


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