Fair game

I’m very grateful to the bloggers who have shown off goodies from current hunts, because it means that I can exhaust myself in frustrating searches for items that I really really want and quite possibly will die without. Chic Aeon turned me on to the cool mid-century modern furnishings that Post is offering for the There’s No Place Like Home Hunt. While I was finding Post’s hilariously “hidden” pair of ruby slippers, I stumbled across a striped tent that turned out to be part of Post’s gift for the Side Show Freaks Hunt.

At first I wasn’t sure if this was the kind of establishment a fine lady like Portia should patronize.

But then I remembered that Portia isn’t that fine a lady, and soon she was chatting amicably with Zenobia/Nemesis, the two-headed cow, and demonstrating the skills she picked up from a contortionist she dated at Barnard College.

When I unpacked some of Post’s hunt gifts, I discovered that the living cow wasn’t part of the SSFH package. Thinking that Portia would enjoy being reminded of her bovine friends, I went ahead and hung their stuffed heads above the Danish modern pieces. Portia wasted neither time nor volume berating me for this. She wasn’t devastated to find out that Zenobia/Nemesis was/were dead. She just knew that if Arne Jacobsen saw them hanging above the credenza he would dispute their functionality.

Look one
Seasons Hunt Winter gifts:
fid, part of the Snow Dress
KiiToS, Classic Coat [I mixed the women’s and men’s versions]
LaGyo, Anne Floral Ring
rbcg, turban
Other fab items:
skin and eyes: Rozena, Abbey Vine and Amethyst eyes
(Euphoria end of season sale item, no longer on sale)
eye makeup: hmaem, m-u-046 tat (subo gift)
lashes: &bean, Awesome Lashes (sold with skin)
hair: Clawtooth, Lipstick & Cigarettes Break of Dawn
earrings: Eclectica, part of Herbals Violet set
scarf: Ohmai, Anya’s Pico Mofumofu Nordic White (former TDR item)
boots: Milk Motion, My Leather Boots Brown
socks: Maitreya Gold, Moxie Over-Knee Socks
furniture: Post, parts of the gift for There’s No Place Like Home hunt
cows: Post, part of the gift for SSFH
house: Willow, The Loft House Skybox
poses: Izumiya, freebies
emotion: aDORKable Poses, free HUD

Look two
outfit: Blue Blood, Hawke Red
skin: Heartsick, Ayame Illusion Crimson Kiss (from the 3 tone teaser)
makeup: nestle my bosom, creepy crow face paint (freebie from the Props&Poses Fair, which has ended)
hair: lamb, soma milk
necklace: “P!”, Crossed Gem Reloaded (resize scripted; ty Candeebee Bree!)
boots: Dilly Dolls, Sonata Dark Boots Black
earrings: Aluinn, Black Rose Earrings (old hunt gift)
tent: Post, Pussy Cat Review (Side Show Freaks hunt gift)
pose: chicadabynilghia, DUnltd. 19 item (not available)

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