The smoldering embers blush

Many SL fashionistas confess to being skin whores. I don’t think of myself as a skin addict, and yet I’ve done over 300 posts for Pleisure and rarely showed a skin more than once. (Somebody else should do the math, because I’m too busy shopping.) Lucky for me, and for any other skin addicts with thin wallets, it’s possible to buy high-quality skins for less than the going rate (which seems to keep going…up). These gorgeous skins from Pink Fuel’s Ember line, for example, are 100L per makeup, and they cost even less if you buy them in four-packs or fatpacks.

I carefully studied the Ember options, chose two skintones, and then chose one makeup from each tone. I like making these choices because they are exercises in aesthetic discernment and personal taste. Fatpacks and gachas kill the rigorous pleasure of choosing (or relieve us of the burden when our powers fail us). I love pale skins and chose the Milk tone in the Fate makeup because I admired the slight eccentricity of the eyeliner. I chose Glint in the Maple tone because the peach and gold tones bring out the warmth of the dusky flesh.

These are raw pics from SL.

Credits to creators
Look one
skin: Pink Fuel, Ember Maple Glint (darkbrow) (100L)
eyes: UmedamaHolic, Gemstone eye G04 (gift)
earrings: Anais Gaea, Black Diamond Earrings (I think these came from a newbie store)
jewels: O!Bleak, Bangle and Dripping Pearl Choker (store is gone!)
hair: eha, Jean Black

Look two
bodysuit: Hucci, Circolo Bodysuit Nude LeLook Exclusive (75L)
skin: Pink Fuel, Ember Milk Fate (redbrow) (100L)
earrings: Anais Gaea, Black Diamond Earrings (I think these came from a newbie store)
bracelet: Mons, Bracelets World Brown (gg)
eyes: UmedamaHolic, Frozen eye(gift07 M TypeA) (gift)
hair: eha, Jean Light Red

poses: Olive Juice, Heart Your Face Pose Pack


One thought on “The smoldering embers blush

  1. Thanks for blogging the Ember skin line! Your pictures are gorgeous and I your description on how you went about choosing makeups :)

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