Color challenged—taupe

I really thought that this would be the week I threw in the towel. I could find brown. I could find grey. But I couldn’t find taupe. Nor could I find an avatar in the form of a european mole, the animal (talpa tartufo, I believe) that gave taupe its name. I had already come up with anti-taupe blog titles (“Tauped Out,” “Just say Naupe”), when I stumbled across a free RunoRuno bathingsuit that exhibits taupe-like shading on the belly. I didn’t feel the need to submit the bathingsuit for colour-spectrum analysis because the moment Portia put it on she started to crave earthworms, confirming the mole connection.

I was taking my last shot of this outfit when I discovered a pair of perfectly good taupe gloves in my inventory. “Meh,” said Portia, spitting out a worm, “Them moles is homely.”

Credits to creators
bathingsuit: RunoRuno, Swim (freebie; three levels of transparency)
bodysuit: Hucci, Circolo Bodysuit Nude LeLook Exclusive (75L)
tat: HUZ, Oriental FBD
hat: Agent Orange, Winter Hat (old gift)
hair: Aurora, 002 omake (N.B. the hair is not resize scripted although the demo hair is scripted! I stretched mine just fine)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Jamil special 2 (150L special at the Euphoria location)
ring: LaGyo, Anne Floral Ring (Seasons Hunt Winter gift)
gloves: Viva Glam, Brody Gloves Dirt
closeup lip tat: Pididdle, LipColor Matte Bare All No teeth (1L demo at Kozmetika; ty Brutus Martinek!)
set: Reek, Old Attic
poses: Glitterati, from the Seasons Hunt Winter gift and the Long Hair Pack (ty Katey Coppola!)


2 thoughts on “Color challenged—taupe

  1. my aurora demo is not edit, i just tried werelucky..but is useless anyway because the item is not edit and does not fit my head..such a pity a nice hair is sold like this…*looks at the bin and shakes her head*

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