I wasn’t going to run these pictures. But this morning I have to go in early because a student (whose work and career I have supported) filed a grade appeal. For those of you not in the business, a grade appeal alleges that my assessment of her work is capricious, a very serious charge. This because 87.5 didn’t satisfy her. If you need a cheap spear as much as I do (nice segueway, eh?), you can find this freebie by SA, with pose included, on the Marketplace.

January 29 is the last day for the Seasons Hunt. In the fall, some of the shops swept up their gifts earlier than we expected, so I advise you to put on your Peqe Mountain Animal dress, grab your warmest Meghindo’s and Vinyl Cafe furs, and go out today to bag Shag’s awesomely cavewomany hair.

Usually I don’t photograph the moon because there’s something so comical about the way it just glides into view at a flick of the slider. But I figured that if I’m already shooting the northern lights, I might as well shoot the moon too. This sim, called Winter Solstice, is set up for surfing and animal-watching. If you check out the Pleisure Flickr (doesn’t that sound dirty?), you can get a glimpse of the picturesque wooded shoreline, where a wolf pack catches the scent of some caribou. It’s diorama ready, baby.

Credits to creators
dress: Peqe, part of Mountain Animal (this was a Theme Market exclusive)
tights: Luce, Knit Tights Flower2 (gg)
gloves: Luce, Long Grove 6 (gacha at L@K location, or buy the fatpack)
boots: Love Soul, Fur Boots Black (keep your Uggs, I’ve got yeti feet)
skin: Pink Fuel, Ember Maple Glint dkbrow + hair
eyeshadow: Plastik, Ataciara Makeups Vegas (recent Lazy Sunday item)
hair: Shag, Sylph Kitten (Seasons Hunt Winter gift)
fur with pompoms: Vinyl Cafe, Black Fur Bolero (old gg, may now be for sale)
other fur: Meghindo’s, Polar Death Black Fur (not-that-old gg, may still be available; join fee)
spear with pose one: SA, Simple Spear (0L on the Marketplace)
pose two: I s2 Posey, Pro Posers Hunt gift


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