K*nichiwa b*tches

All last week I was too broke to buy the big-ticket items I wanted, and I couldn’t forego enough RL cappuccinos to justify an SL spree. As soon as my weekly allowance came in, I couldn’t remember what I’d wanted, so I went nuts at another excellent 50L Friday, bought a hairdo on impulse, and reverently pushed the pay button when I discovered tomoto’s midnight-blue Twinkle Somnolence kimono. The boots I was coveting were too widely blogged to seem special any more. And honestly, if a whole bunch of people are getting an item as a bloggers’ review copy, I feel like a sucker when I pay for it.

That last statement may raise some eyebrows. I can help you out with that. Just follow Portia’s lead in pairing &bean’s praying mantis brows with Glam Affair’s new browless TDR skin. I don’t know what the skin is called because SL ate my skin. While I took a break from shooting at alirium gardens. Which I chose because I was in the mood to copy everyone else. Thank you everyone else for inspiring me. I need the recipe for your faded colours.

In the last couple of weeks, more people have been visiting Pleisure. My busiest day this week doubled my previous record! I’m so thrilled to see you, even if some of you are searching for “mature p*ssy cream.” (Please tell me that’s a hack. Like typing “French military victories” into Google and then hitting the “I’m feeling lucky” button.) I’d give you all a mwah, but I’m shy and old and…dry. If any of you are behind on your 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, you could grab the taupe version of this pretty Caer lingerie at 5th&Oxford’s 50L outlet (at Nouveau/197/98/23). This is shy-smart lingerie—it can be layered for less transparency. The Un Jour blindfold disappears today with the Seasons Hunt snowmen. Did you know this blindfold weeps? It weeps for all the skin that SL eats.

Credits to creators
Look like you’ve been watching Robyn
kimono: tomoto, kimono twinkle somnolence (350L for short and long versions)
skin: Glam Affair, ???? (current TDR)
hair: booN, XFE275 hair purple (former TDR item)
brows: &bean, Praying Mantis Brow (buy the free OH! Extravagant Brows)
shoes and stockings: Maitreya Gold, Allure Black
gloves: Hermony, Leather Gloves Violet (dollarbie)
pose: I S2 Posey, Pro Posers Hunt Gift
emotes: aDORKable Poses, free emoter HUD

Look like SL ate your skin
lingerie: 5th&Oxford / Luxuria, Caer Mauve (50L)
skin: Glam Affair, Jadis Dark TDR Special A
blindfold: Un Jour, Le Calmant (Seasons Hunt Winter gift)
shoes and stockings: Maitreya Gold, Allure Black
tat: [TH], Free Bitch (cheapie or freebie; for men)
pose: .tea, from the Fairy pack


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