A shade of green, innit

This round of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge didn’t terrify me. The proof’s not in the outfit but in the fact that I felt no need to weep over colour charts. I’ve realized it’s best to try to match Luna Jubilee’s chip rather than agonize over what to call it. And then shout “That’s not emerald!” at every other blogger’s outfit. I’ve just marathoned Luther on DVD, so I shout this with a London accent, sort of like “Thahs naw emewal!” My challenge outfit is way too matchy matchy, so you should feel free to shout at it, using a Paris accent if you see fit. But even enemies as old as we ought to agree that Drinkenstein Sorbet’s Hunted Skirt is worth its weight in green gemstones. Next week’s colour is black, which must make up 90% of all our wardrobes. So I’m issuing a challenge to see who can hang a bit of black on at least 30 attachment points.

Credits to creators
skirt: The Sea Hole, Hunted Skirt Mossy Hollow (NEW)
stole: Couverture, Lace Stole Mint (colour change flowers)
bodysuit: Crazy, emi bodysuit blue
peacock layer: Vitabela, part of Emerald Eyes
jacket: Secret Store, Brownie jacket (Euphoria hunt item)
skin: Illusory, Paige Skin Warmth gg (join fee while gift is available)
hair: kik, tsubaki black
bow: Clawtooth, part of Fancy Fancy [modded]
boots: Tiny Bird, Wanderer Boot Russet (latest 50L Friday)
socks: Maitreya, part of Moxie shoes
bangles: TuttiFrutti, Afrodite Bracelets Platinum *gacha)
earrings: by Viola Bach, Pearl Earrings (newbie store item)
pose: Croire, Crazy Bag Lady pack


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