Fruit punch

I didn’t know these gorgeous items could go together until I tossed them on at the end of a day of casual shopping and LB slapping. I still don’t know if colours this peppy and poppy can combine without permanently damaging the eyes of the SL fashion world. But they did wonders for me, improving my mood more effectively than Prozac, chocolate, and Daniel Craig movies. (Well, Craig may get me there with Cowboys & Aliens, which is being advertised with a masterful shot of his butt.)

Apple May very kindly sent me her Ava skin, which can be purchased as a base skin for piling on makeup, or in the Doll Like and Lustrous makeup lines I’m showing in today’s post. There are seven skin tones to choose from and four makeups in each pack. I first tried the skins on Portia with no luck. But they look glorious on Acute Scab, who has a narrower face. Which just goes to show that being flexible about an av’s shape makes it possible for you to parade around in every last thing you desire.

Yesterday saw the opening of the Fashion Garret, which is offering items from some of my favourite designers at prices between 40 and 70L. I snapped up Bukka’s leather bag, which comes with a backpack version also, and the Dakar shirt by Crazy, which shows off AMD’s nice boobwork (that’s a technical term, I think). My debt to fashion discounters already dictates that I name my first SL baby something like TDR Friday. Now I’m worried that I’ll also have to marry someone named Garret “Fi’ty” Blue.

Look one
skin: AMD, Ava Dark Doll Like Barbie (see the Moxie makeup on the Pleisure Flickr) (ty Apple May!)
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica Shape (old hunt gift)
shrug: Elate, Rose Gold Shrug (NEW)
top: Izzie’s, One Shoulder Top Cream
hair: trico, Ginette for LB limited color (LB only colour)
pose: Glitterati, Long Hair 6

Look two
skin: AMD, Ava Pale Lustrous Leaf (ty Apple May!)
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica Shape (old hunt gift)
eyes: Cupcakes, Eyes 2011 Dark Hazel
shirt: Crazy, Dakar Shirt Red (Fashion Garret item at Barcelona%20Virtual/238/43/30)
bag: Bukka, old leather bag darkbrown (Fashion Garret item at Barcelona%20Virtual/238/43/30)
blonde hair: trico, last gift (gg in store)
red hair: trico, Ginette for LB limited color (LB only colour)
pants: Modd.G, Cigarette Pants Brown
poses: croire, from the Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair pack


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